Sports Drinks Might Damage Your Teeth Irreversibly

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A new research printed in the recent periodical of General Dentistry, discovered that a disturbing growth in the use of sports & energy drinks, particularly amid the adults, is resulting irreversible injury to the teeth – particularly, the elevated levels of acidity in the drinks which erode the tooth enamel, the sparkling external layer of the teeth. Young adults drink more these drinks thinking that they shall progress their performance in sports and level of energy and that these are much better for them when compared to other soda drinks. Many of these patients are astonished to figure that these energy drinks are specifically washing their teeth by strong acid.

Conducting the research:

Investigators evaluated levels of acidity in nearly 13 sports drinks plus 9 energy drinks. Investigators discovered that the level of acidity can differ amid the brands of drinks and flavors of the similar brand. To evaluate the effectiveness of the acidity levels, the investigators injected the sections of human tooth enamel in every drink for about 15 minutes, after the immersion in non-natural saliva for 2 hours. This cycle was frequent 4 times for nearly 5 days and the samples were then stored in natural and fresh saliva at other times. This kind of evaluation encourages the similar experience that a major percentage of young adults and teenagers are subjecting their teeth on daily basis when they consume 1 of these drinks every few hours.

What did the research discover?

The investigators discovered that injury to the enamel was seen following 5 days of exposure to energy or sports drinks, although each of the energy drinks displayed a prominent greater possibility to damage the teeth when compared to the sports drinks. Even the patients must wait for minimum 1 hour to brush their teeth following the consumption of energy and sports drinks.



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