Spotting The Difference Between Cold and Seasonal

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It can be complicated for the parents to make sure if their kids have a seasonal allergy or cold, however ran expert says that now we can tell how to distinguish the two. Stuffy, runny, sneezing, itchy nose, fatigue, coughing, headaches can be considered as symptoms of colds and allergy, however when the parents give close attention to the small details, then they will be capable of telling what is the actual cause.

Spotting the difference:

Kids who have autumn or spring allergies have much more than just itching of their noses, they generally have fits of sneezing and then they generally rub their noses in a strange upward motion. They even complained about their scratchy, itchy eyes or throat, whereas all this does not happen when the kids have general cold.

When the individuals experience allergies, their nose discharges clearly and has the persistency of watery mucus, while all this does not happen in cold and in cold the nasal discharge is yellowish in color. The researcher suggested that the kids with seasonal allergy indications must be tested for certain environmental allergens like pollen which is present at times of seasons when they show these indications. However not evaluated for allergens and food allergies which are present during the seasons when these kids do not have such symptoms. If you kid is having seasonal allergens, then the researcher recommends that there are many things which they can opt for to regulate the symptoms.

Keep the windows closed at times of high pollen, alter the air conditioner filter each month, clothing of children must be changed when they come back homes, wash them, use non-prescription saline solution, restrict the outdoor activities, are some of the suggestions which will help in making the kids safe from allergy.



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