Staph Infection Symptoms

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What is Staph?

Staphs are gram positive parasitic bacteria that cause septicemia or infections by irregular colonies’ formation.

What is Staph (Staphylococcal) Infection?

A staph infection can result in skin changes, blood poisoning and infection in internal organs and can be life-threatening if ignored. It is caused by the toxin production of staphylococcal bacteria. These bacteria enter the body through open cuts and result in itching of the skin and irritation of internal organs.

Symptoms of Staph Skin Infection

The symptoms of staph skin infection are as follows:

* Bright red rashes or pus-filled blisters
* Skin bumps
* Swelling of eyelids
* Inflammation of body tissues along with fever
* An infected tissue near the nails
* Infected acne
* Infection of lymphatic vessels.

Various Types of Staph and their Symptoms

The different types of staph infections and the other symptoms noticed are given below:

Staph Mastitis – Red lump noticed in the lump combined with swelling, nipple discharge, fever, itchy breasts and nipples and lymph nodes near armpits.

Bacterial Parotitis - Painful swelling under the ear, difficulty opening the mouth and swallowing, discharge in mouth and increased body temperature with chills.

Bacterial Sinusitis – Toothache, headache, cough, nasal blockage or discharge, lack of concentration and swelling in face.

Staph Food Poisoning – Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and general sickness lasting for 1-3 days.

Staph Vaginitis – Pus discharge, itch, painful urination and sexual intercourse, and bad odor.

Bacterial Epiglottitis – Difficulty in swallowing food and breathing, fever and excessive salivation.

Bacterial Prostatits – Fever along with severe pain in groin, testicles, lower abdomen and muscles. At times blood is noticed in semen.

Staph Bone Infection – Changes in limb movements.

Life Threatening Staph Infections Symptoms

Staph infection can be life threatening in come cases. Read on to know about the symptoms associated with various life threatening staph infections:

Staph Pneumonia – Symptoms similar to regular pneumonia including chills, high fever, increase in pulse rate, cough and breathing troubles.

Staph Endocarditis – Fatigue, paleness, fever, joint pains, and red spots on skin especially around fingers.

Staph Meningitis – Fatigue, headache, tiredness, mild fever and general confusion

Staph Sepsis – Fever, hypothermia, increased pulse rate, hyperventilation, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, limited urination and low breathing. In some cases, even blood clotting is observed.

Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections – Red bumps which turn into painful pus-filled black patches and other sepsis-like symptoms.

Toxic Shock Syndrome – Fever, skin rash and peeling, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and muscle pains.

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