Statins and Lower Incidence of Depression

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Patients who suffer from heart disease and take cholesterol-lowering statins were noticeably less probable to develop stress than those patients who did not take, as per a research conducted by Mary Whooley. The study was in print in a periodical of Clinical Psychiatry. The researcher along with her team examined 965 heart disease patients for stress, and discovered that those who took statins were prominently less probable to be clinically stressed than those who did not take statins. Then they evaluated 776 patients who were not stressed of which 520 were taking statins and 256 did not take statins.

The researchers said that patients who used statins were 38% less probable to be diagnosed with stress than patients who did not take. The difference amid the two groups was prominent, with patients on statins becoming less probable to be diagnosed with stress and the patients not taking statins becoming more probable to be diagnosed with stress and depression over time.  This recommended that the statins might have a certain kind of long term defensive affect against stress, perhaps by aiding to avoid atherosclerosis in the brain, which contributes to stress symptoms. She also says that the statins have optimistic effects on the endothelium as it keeps the blood vessels less inflexible and hence is better capable of adapting the changing needs of the body.

Though the actual mechanism is not known, it requires additional study. The study proves that if the statins can protect the brain against stress then they can be used to diminish the burden of the stress symptoms in patients diagnosed with heart disease. Statins are the most general prescribed medication across the world as per the study authors. They are much safe and well enduring, says Mary.



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