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Our face is our outward appearance to the public. It is the part of our body where most of our vanity reflects into… and there is nothing wrong with that! A pleasant face can bring a lot of positive things—although many will tell that beauty emanates from within, still a person with an outward beauty will appear more pleasant than those who are not so endowed with a pleasant appearance.

There are many concerns with regard to a person’s face and to name a few of them are pimples, black and white heads, moles, blemishes… and who won’t forget these brown spots on face? Brown spots on face are very common most especially among people who are starting to age. These brown spots on face are medically termed as ephelis and are mostly seen among people who are advancing in terms of their age.

Many experts believe that these brown spots are natural growths due to the hyperpigmentation in various areas of our face. If you are a person who is very concerned with your face and outward appearance, then these brown spots on face will be a big problem and challenge for you.

Causes of Brown Sports on Face

Aging is the number one cause of these spots. In fact, these are often referred to as age spots. Genetics also play a great role in the development of these spots. Sometimes, when brown spots on the face are dominant in your family, it may come out even at a young age, which we call as freckles. Pregnancy can also lead to the development of spots in the face due to hormonal changes. Brown spots on the face may also have something to do with hygiene.

In knowing how to get rid of brown spots on face, here are the most common methods which you might want to consider:

Laser Therapy. Laser therapy might be a bit costly, if not really expensive. In fact, it even depends on the number of spots you want to get rid of. The more spots you have, the greater the amount you will need to shell out. However, the good thing about laser therapy is that this a quick treatment and you will immediately notice the results.

Chemical Peeling Creams/Exfoliants. The use of exfoliants will help you shed the dead and unhealthy skin cells. This will include the area where brown spots are located. As compared with the use of laser therapy, using chemical exfoliants is way cheaper. However, it will take time before the results can be appreciated.

Lightening Lotions/ Creams. If exfoliating is not your type, you might as well just even out your complexion and make use of lightening lotions and creams. You will need to apply these creams day and night to achieve that perfectly fair and spotless skin.

Natural Masks. If you prefer the natural methods of removing brown spots, you can extract lemon juice, mix it with honey and apply the mixture into your face as mask. Also, making use of fresh aloe vera juice or the aloe vera gels in the market can yield good results in a span of a month or two.




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