Stomach Cancer: Can Soy Be a Remedy To It?

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Several researches had revealed the secret of estrogens, an element drawn from soy-rich food, which shows its potential to reduce the chances of cancer but how far it can reduce the stomach cancer is the matter of contradiction as Japanese scientists do not agree with this thought. According to Azusa Hara and her colleagues, from National Cancer Center in Tokyo, the isoflavones found sufficient in soy and several salts have no great effect on cancer risk due to gastritis, whether the patient consumes diets rich in isoflavones or not.

It has been exposed through extensive experiments on a large number of persons consuming isoflavones in various quantities for more than 15 years. They concluded with the fact that the quantity of isoflavones consumed makes not much difference on the health of the persons under test and some of them got the stomach cancer developed in the meantime.

But, Dr. Richard Peek, director of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, is of the view that estrogens is capable to save from stomach cancer in men and women till they reach menopausal stage due to the existence of higher level of estrogens in them. They had also performed several experiments on mice to explore the posive effect of estrogen on stomach cancer.

Japanese scientists, on the other hand, were of the view that the risk of stomach cancer increased among the women who consumed isoflavone rich food as a hormone therapy than who took the least of it. These researchers examined the behavior of the women under investigations having stomach cancer history and doing smoking and drinking liquor to find their link with the disease. Their results were based on limited interrogation, admitted Hara and her associates, and that is why they could not investigate about the existence of Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria that increases the risk for stomach cancer, in the patients under supervision.

The other reason of stomach or gastric cancer had been declared as excessive ingestion of salt. This research had been done by the scientists from American Cancer Society which revealed the fact that normally there are 1:114 chances for an American to suffer from stomach cancer. It was proved through investigations done on more than 20,000 American people in 2011 of which more than 10,000 people died due to stomach cancer caused by high intake of salt.


But certain oncologists had hold the death proportions from stomach cancer had been reduced considerably due reducing consumption of salt in frozen foods.





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