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Whether you are allergic to certain foods or to animals such as dogs or cats, there are certain things you can do to alleviate and sometimes get rid of allergies. Take a little time to study how to stop allergies without using strong chemicals. Drugs are chemicals that usually cause more trouble than they alleviate. You are an organic being and your solution to your allergy health problems is already available to you in naturally occurring ways. This short article will cover a little of what you can do on your own at home to have some relief from allergies.allergy

One of the common ways people try to get relief from allergies is to use benadryl. While this is a chemical solution and does not address the basic problem of why you have the allergy it can give relief until you find out what is causing you the allergy. Once you find out that many allergies are the result of something your mother failed to do, you may get a bit annoyed. If you were not breastfed the statistics of you having more allergies are higher. Now you can not go back and change history, but what you can do is start putting things into your body that will negate or dull the effects of allergies.

Allergies produce mucus. This is a natural event when the body is trying to protect itself. Cat dander can produce an allergic reaction similar to pine pollen for those who are allergic to pine pollen. The body will produce sneezes and watery eyes with either allergy. Providing the body with the correct tools to not have allergic reactions is a good goal to have. This way you can completely get rid of allergies altogether. Knowing the correct things to give your body to maintain optimum health is a centuries old tradition in places like China. Certain foods and plants can help you have those tools that prevent allergic reactions to your surroundings or food.

A list of things that are recommended to fight allergies and reactions are; bee pollen, sprouted wheat, sprouted legumes, and food rich in chlorophyll. Such are cereal grasses like barley. Some drinks to fight allergies are herbal teas, almond milk, and coffee alternatives like grain beverages. It is recommended that you not use corn oil or rapeseed oil for cooking. Instead use sesame or olive oil for cooking. For protein choose fish such as salmon or tuna, and lamb or chicken. Use vegetables that are not genetically modified and then choose vegetables other than corn.

Some things to avoid in your fight against allergies are processed sugar and sugar substitutes, bread made from processed flour, peanuts, canola oil, and a general attitude of over eating. Obesity brings on a variety of health problems, and can exacerbate allergies. Use self control at the dinner table and your body will last longer and work better.

Here are some things you can find around the home to relieve the allergic conditions and not have to deal with chemical side effects. Try astragalus and magnolia flower if you have nasal allergies. If you have seasonal allergies try bioflavonoids. These help to prevent the formation of histamines that cause wet eyes and a runny nose. Bioflavonoids are found in milk thistle, ginger, mints, ( including peppermint ) and german chamomile. For skin allergies you can take a herbal bath with many of the herbal ingredients just listed, such as thyme, german chamomile, basil, fennel and others.

One last powerful thing you can use in your fight against allergies is the cacao bean. Cacao is what the Mayans used to grow and considered it a normal part of their diet. This bean is used to make chocolate. Its superior form still comes from the Amazon, near the old Mayan empire and is shipped to Belgium, where they make, you guessed it, chocolate. Dark chocolate may be your best bet to fighting allergies if you can not find pure cacao powder.

Now that you have a few facts to use against your allergies, go and use them wisely. Use them in good health. Allergies do not have to control your life if you know what to do about them.




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