Stop Smoking; Five Alternative Reasons Why

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Smoking kills;  there’s no easier way to say that. Sure, there are some people who seem to live long lives even though they’ve smoked, but for the overwhelming majority of people, smoking kills. Smoking is the number one killer of people in the world for preventable diseases. Smoking is the number one reason people get most cancers, especially lung cancer. Smoking is the number one reason people get emphysema and other breathing related diseases. Smoking is the number one reason for gum disease.

Quit SmokingOkay, that’s been said over and over, and still many people smoke. It’s hard to relate to something like dying when you haven’t been personally affected by it, haven’t seen someone hooked to a ventilator trying to breathe, or haven’t met someone who’s trachea has been removed because of smoking and speaks through a hole in their throat with a vibrator. Commercials can’t seem to get through to people, and today’s moving usually show more criminals and victims than heroes and main, positive protagonists, smoking.

So, what else do you need to read that may turn you away from smoking? Here some some health items that you may not think of as health items that might help to convince you to stop smoking:

1. Smoking stinks. Smoking smells. Even smokers know what their clothes smell like the day after a night of drinking and smoking, no matter where they are. It’s bad enough that smokers have ingested cigarette smoke on purpose. Second hand smoke, while not as deadly, still impacts a lot of people’s health in a bad way. And smelling the chemicals from cigarette smoke on clothes later on, though greatly reduced, still can aggravate health problems.

2. Smoke stains things. You’ve seen the after effects of a house fire. Cigarette smoke is different only that, instead of staining everything black, it stains things either brown or yellow. A person can have yellow stained teeth even if they don’t drink coffee because of cigarettes. Cigarette smoke can stain walls; it can alter the color of fabric. You easily know a smoker’s car, not only for its smell but because of its dingy look. And it stains the hands and skin of smokers.

3. Smoking will age your skin. Smoking isn’t one of those things that immediately affects everything, but over time, for some people a short period of time, you’ll start noticing things you hadn’t noticed before, especially in your skin. We already mentioned how it colors your skin. It also wrinkles your skin, and ages it in other ways. Smoking cigarettes can age your skin as much as 10 years within two years.

4. Smoking causes bad breath. This one is a no-brainer; how could it not? Along with gum disease, mouth and throat cancer, it gives a person perpetual bad breath. Brushing your teeth and sucking on breath mints can’t erase bad breath from smoking because it comes from deep within the body, with every breath you take, from your lungs, not just your stomach. The chemicals from smoking, of which around 4,000 have been identified, take over your entire body, and you just can’t treat one area without treating all of the body.

5. Smoking affects everything else you do in a negative way. There’s just no getting around this one. Smokers drink more coffee, ingesting more caffeine, which makes them wiry and high strung. Smoking drives more people to alcohol and hard drugs than anything else. Smoking affects joints and bones; smoking drives all sorts of chemicals into your blood stream and your lungs. Smoking affects the eyes both externally and internally. And it doesn’t matter what you smoke; it’s not just tobacco and nicotine, although that’s the worst thing you can put into your body. Smoking anything brings carcinogens into your body, along with carbon dioxide, even herbal cigarettes, which some people switch to as a more “healthy” cigarette.

There’s no such thing as a healthy cigarette. There’s no such thing as smoking something safer than something else. Smoking is a terrible habit that will affect you and your body in ways you just can’t fully imagine. And, did we happen to mention this? Smoking kills!

Stop now; get help if you need it. If you can quit smoking before you develop a disease, within 2 to 5 years, depending on how heavy a smoker you are, your body can fully recover. Once you’ve developed a problem, you can’t ever reverse it.

Quitting smoking is the best thing you could ever do for your body.




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