Stress reduction and tips to deal with stress

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Coping With Stress

Daily stress produced by our job, our boss or our family issues can have a major impact upon our health. One day all things start to go wrong and our entire health system gets turned upside down. Whether it is our stomach, our skin, our heart, our thyroid or our brain they all can get affected by the daily stress we are exposed to.

Some people react better to stress than others. Quite often we ask ourselves how come we are the ones who suffer from stress and our office colleague is health and sound. Well, each body is unique and this is why we all react so different when exposed to stress. Some people manage to adapt in time to this daily rush, others are more fragile and can’t keep up, their body protesting against stress in different ways.

Here are some stressful situations that you might have considered to be normal in your life and might not have thought they might cause you so much trouble:

- Marriage unhappinessStress Fig

- Job unhappiness

- Unemployment

- Hiding secrets

- Family members that are ill

- Addictions that are kept hidden

- Fears that keep your mind busy all the time

- Promises you make, but you can’t honor

These are only a few of the stressful causes that can get your organism down. Luckily there are methods you can apply to keep stress away from you.

1. Exercise regularly.
Working your body can help you relax and keep your mind away from the daily problems. You can try a sport you enjoy, starting from stretching, jogging, swimming, dancing or biking. As Romans used to say: Mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body).

2. Try yoga.
Yoga is known to help the body relax. There are a lot of health centers that help people learn how to practice yoga. It is easy and it can open you a door to making new friends. Get free yoga ebooks, online workout videos, guided meditations at Yoga Exercises

3. Enjoy music.
The proper music can help your body and mind relax as nothing else can do it better. Music is also used as a form of therapy in clinics. Music is a powerful tool if used properly. Do not choose to listen to rock of pop if you want to relax. It is true that you might enjoy this music, but you won’t certainly achieve relaxation this way. There are special CDs with relaxing music that will help you get rid of stress.

4. Long hot baths.
Women will enjoy this for sure. Taking a long hot bath using relaxation essential oils can help a lot. You can try this with your life partner too, this way refreshing your personal life a little bit if you think things are not as they used to be in the beginning of your relationship.

5. Try Siberian Ginseng.
This is a special plant that helps the body fight better against stress. There are pills that contain this plant, making it easier for you to offer it to your body. Use only Siberian ginseng and not the American ginseng as this plant can affect your menstruation’s regularity.

6. Take a break.
Try leaving your problems at home for a few days and take a few days off from work. Go in a resort and think only about yourself. Enjoy peaceful moments and try to relax. If your family is a source of stress just go on your own in a small vacation. It will do you wonders.

7. Think about yourself too.
In a lot of cases stress affects people that ignore their problems and try to resolve other people’s issues. My advice would be to get a little bit more detached from these people who steal your energy and start thinking about yourself too. You have the right to enjoy your life without having to worry about other people.

8. Eat right.

During stressful periods of time our body generally consumes nutrients faster and this can take us to major deficiencies and problems. Try to eat regularly in a CALM atmosphere. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins A, B, C and E. Magnesium and selenium are also good for fighting stress. Even though it might help you with your work, coffee should be reduced. Alcohol intake should be limited too. Fruits and vegetables are of a major help in stressful situations, so do not avoid eating them.

It is not always possible to avoid stressful situations, but at least you can modify your reactions to them. Having a positive and sometimes a detached thinking can do wonders. You can’t resolve all the problems you have in only a few days, so try to accept yourself the way you are: human. Don’t live after high standards that will only limit your possibilities. Learn how to say NO, reject perfectionism and accept the inevitable. Sometimes it is best to live a little bit more detached.




  1. Excellent tips!

  2. NewzPad says:

    Great article! I agree with all the methods listed for reducing stress….haven’t tried Yoga yet though. Exercise is probably the biggest stress reducer in my opinion!

  3. great tips! I will have to try the siberian ginseng!

  4. I have enjoyed reading this article and several others on your site. Stress is such a major problem in today’s life style and it is the number one cause of so many serious illnesses. Learning how to deal with stress should be a number one priority for everyone.

  5. I am so pleased to see your emphasis on exercise as a stress reducer. Not only does exercise release seretonin to help shift your mood, but it helps you sleep deeper. And we all know that a deep 8 hour sleep will have you feeling ready to tackle anything!!! Great tips… Amelia

  6. Well produced article! As someone who is dealing with cancer, I look forward to getting strong enough to be in a regular healthy regimen. You advice is sound and would be a sensible part of my recovery. I appreciate the effort that went into your post!


  7. Very useful tips. I’ll try them and let you know if it helped me. I’m so busy with work that I’m really stressed. I’ll stick to this list and try to relax and again enjoy my life… heh


  8. Qaiser Saleem says:

    AOA :),

    It is nice tips :).

    Thank You.

    Qaiser Saleem

  9. Great post, really enjoyed your words. Exercise always destresses me. Thank you much.

  10. If you are in stress you have to stay away on the things that give stress, just take a deep breath and say an affirmative.

  11. Great tips. It’s about balance.

  12. excellent job…thanks for sharing

  13. It seems that alot of people don’t know how to deal with stress, therefore, using other people like me as emotional punching bags. I just feel that they need more productivity in their life, or fun for that matter. Thanks for the article!

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