Stressed College Students, Who Cares For Them?

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Few college students may be just 1 in 4 who show symptoms of serious depression and stress receives adequate treatment and care. Present services of health care on the campus might not be sufficient for giving optimum quality intellectual health care, as per a new research which got printed in the periodical Hospital Psychiatry.  The research discovered that just 22% of the college students who reported of the serious depression and stress in the last year received minimum optimal care. It is very surprising to note that the adequate care is very low among the college students since it is standard adult population.

The college going students belong to a subgroup who are required to get better treatment than the general public, since they generally have access to health care services on campus. Most these services are offered free of cost or they are very reasonable. This research relies on an online survey in which 8500 college students from 15 universities or colleges participated. This survey accumulated data on many measures like stress, depression and asked the participants if they had reached for medical health care and what kind of services they received.

Minimal optimal care was defined as atleast for 2 months of the antidepressant use along with atleast three to four follow up visits to debate the medication. The findings did not surprise the researchers. The occurrence of suicidal behavior has increased 3 times. They say that the college students who are generally in good health are more probable to face psychiatric issues than other general health problems. It is reported that most of the physiatrist problems begin when the students are in their teen age or very young. The perfect campus mental health care services can be collaborative one which pool psychiatrist, psychologists and general physicians with many other health providers.



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