Study: Many Contact Lenses Users Does Not Observe All the Care Guidelines

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The traditional use of eye glasses has brought great improvements to the eye sights of those individuals who have eye problems with refraction of light. The eye glasses function by making necessary adjustments to the refraction of light so that when it enters the eye of the person wearing the eye glasses, the image that will be formed will already be adjusted, hence the person can now see a clear image. However, as the technology advance, invention of other materials which can help improve the refraction of light arises. This improvement in technology involves the use of contact lenses which are considered fashionable and convenient for most users. Although contact lenses look cool and help make the vision clearer, certain care guidelines must be followed by those individuals who are using it considering that contact lenses are placed directly lying in front of the eye.

According to a new research which was published in the November issue of the journal Optometry and Vision Science, many contact lenses users are not adhering and observing the care guidelines set in order to have safe and effective use of contact lenses. This is despite the fact that most of the contact lenses users know the potential health complications that not following the guidelines can bring them.

The new study involves the analysis and examination of data gathered from about 281 patients. These study participants have visited their eye care practitioners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Also, additions of about 152 study participants who visit the university clinic were also included in the study.

Researchers found out that among the study participants, about 58 per cent of the general public knows the possible complications of the use of contact lenses and about 91 per cent of the study participants who visited the university clinic have named possible complications as well. The most commonly named complication of the use of contact lenses was associated with infections and the comfort of using the lenses.

Moreover, researchers found out that about 85 per cent in general of the study participants have claimed that they were actually following and adhering to the recommended care guidelines for the use of contact lenses. In contrary, researchers found out that about only 50 per cent of the recommended care guidelines for contact lenses were just being practiced by an average patient. And about 0.4 per cent or only 1 patient out of all the study participants has adhered and complied with all the recommended care guidelines for the use of contact lenses.




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