Sudden Severe Headache – Causes

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What to do in a Severe Headache?

Never ignore a severe headache; even the newly-started ones as these may be indicate some life-threatening disorder such as internal bleeding in head or intoxication. Always seek medical help at the earliest.

Severe headache causes

There can various reasons for a sudden unexpected severe headache. Some of these are as follows:

Insect-borne infections like Dengue, malaria, epidemic typhus, Indian tick fever, African sleeping sickness and poliomyelitis. The symptoms for these infections include fever, vomiting, fatigue, severe headache and rash.

Q fever transmitted by animals like goats, cattle and sheep. The symptoms last for 2 or 3 weeks and include high fever, muscle pains and sore throat along with sudden severe headache.

Meningitis or encephalitis causes severe headache that mostly starts at the back of head. Neck stiffness is noticed and bending the neck forward causes a sharp pain in head.

Lyme disease is noticed when an initial rash is ignored that leads to infection. Sudden severe headache and stiff neck are the reasons for this infection along with other signs like muscle weakness, paralysis of facial muscles, visual problems and heart palpitations.

An increased pressure on eye stimulated by stress and some antihistamine medications. This condition is known as Glaucoma and leads to sudden severe headache, especially over one or both eyes.

Sudden severe one-sided headache can be experienced even in a stroke. One side of the head or body experiences loss of sensation and muscle numbness.

Apart from these, the other symptoms for sudden severe headache include ruptured brain artery aneurysm, idiopathic intracranial hypertension and primary thunderclap headache. The last one takes place without a known cause.

Sudden Severe Headache with a Suspected Cause:

There are instances where the reason for sudden severe headache is quite clear.

Sinusitis causes severe headache and unusual softness in cheeks or forehead. Stiff neck is also observed. Hangover experienced on the following morning after excessive night drinking. An intense painful throbbing is noticed in the head. Water-borne infections and food poisoning cause severe headache along with an upset stomach. Use or sudden withdrawal of illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine, exposure to poisonous gases and pollution also cause sudden throbs in head.

Some medications too like opiates, nitroglycerin and even overdose of vitamin A have side effects like severe headache.

Hypertension and brain abscess result in violent throbbing headache on either sides or the back of head.High altitude sickness and Eclampsia are also some of the other known causes for sudden severe headache. Episodic Sudden Severe Headache. Migraine, basilar artery migraine, cluster headache, trigeminal neuralgia and occipital neuralgia are some conditions in which a recurring and episodic sudden severe headache is noticed.

An increase in level of carbon dioxide in blood leads to hypercapnia and this causes a both-sided headache.



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