Suddenly, Millions Of Families Forced Out Of Health Coverage

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Thanks to the edicts of ObamaCare – as the Front Page Magazine puts it – Health insurance companies are now looking for windows and doors to flee. Most of these health insurance companies are now being forced out of business.

In spite of Mr.President Obama’s word about better coverage of health care for Americans, a Galen Institute study claims that a survey of 1,300 employers reveals that employers might drop health insurance if any of the key points on the ObamaCare comes to the fore in 2014.

According to the survey, more than 50% of these employers surveyed plan to dump health insurance facilities for their employees. This would mean that almost 78 million workers – along with their families – would no longer be able to enjoy the health insurance benefits from their employers. Now, if this lot of workers ‘ health insurance can be somehow jammed into state heath exchanges and government run health insurance programs, the actual cost of ObamaCare (including opportunity cost) could pike up to a whopping $1 trillion.

The ball is already rolling, apparently. Many insurers are already calling it home. Unable to comply with the Federal Medical Loss Requirement (MLR), many insurers are already calling it quits. The state of Indiana alone saw about 10% of insurance companies closing shop.

According to the Front Page Magazine, The American Enterprise Group announced that it’d pull out non-group health insurance in about 20 states. Aetna in Colarado is making the move to fire its clients, which would put over 1200 companies, 5,200 employees (not to mention their dependents) at risk.

All this movement is for a few of those requirements of the new policies that children, teenagers, and young adults below 26 years of age can be included into their parents’ plans. While this hurts already on one cheek, it also kills business for the health insurers where health insurance policies are purchased exclusively for children by parents.

White estimates predict that an incredible 133 million working Americans and almost 80% of roughly 43 million Americans covered under small employee plans will lose their health insurance benefits through their employers.



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