What NOT to do when suffering of acne

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When it comes about getting rid of acne and of the unaesthetic pimples that seem to appear when we mostly need a clean face, a lot of people tend to apply several drastic, uncertified measures for resolving this problem without considering the fact that they might only make things worse.

One of the most popular ideas is squeezing pimples out. This is definitely not tshe best solution to apply on the face as even though it might induce you the idea that you have speeded up things a little bit the only thing you actually do is traumatize your skin, leave an opened gate to germs, cause a scar and not even remove entirely the pimple. Don’t expose yourself to the risk of making things worse; just let the pimple take its time on healing.

Some people apply toothpaste on their skin irritations. Ten years ago this trick might have worked as the toothpaste existing on the market those days would have dried out the pimple quite fast. The new generation of toothpastes has in its composition substances that are meant to keep tartar away and for pimples they only make things worse as they do not destroy the bacteria that cause the pimples to appear.

After reading the fact that one of the acne causes is the cogging up of the pores, the idea of scrubbing the face seems quite bright and a perfect solution. The bad thing is using the scrub for each washing up. Scrubbing is normally used once a week and using it oftener can only cause more irritations and delay the process of healing. The solution is to use a gentle scrub once a week and apply it with your hands not with a washcloth.

Don’t use too many face products at once. It is best to buy face products from the same producer, not combine the wash gel from one producer and the toner and cream from other manufacturers. Some substances these products contain might not react well one with each other on your face and you might get your sensitive skin irritated. Also, do not exaggerate with using these products: twice a day, in the morning and in the evening is enough. Of course if you go to the gym you should cleanse your face too after ending your exercising program.

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