Sugar Makes Stupid!

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Consuming excessive sugar could eat away the brain power of individuals as per the investigators of US who printed this research which focused as to how a constant diet like high fructose corn syrup can sap the memories of lab rats. Investigators from the University of California Los Angeles offered two teams of rats, a solution which contained high fructose corn syrup – a general component in the processed foods – like drinking water for nearly 6 weeks. A group of rats was supplemented with omega 3 fatty acids which boost the brain. These omega 3 fatty acids were in the form of docosahaxenoic acid and flaxseed oil while the 2nd group was not given this.

How was the research conducted?

Ahead the introduction of sugar drinks; the rats were enrolled in a 5 day training program in a difficult maze. These rats were put back in the maze 6 weeks later on the solution which was sweet to ascertain how they fared. The animals deprived of DNA were slower and the brains of such animals showed a reduction in the synaptic activity. Cells of their brain had trouble indicating each other and this disrupted the ability of the rats to consider clearly while recalling the route which they learnt around 6 weeks before. A much closer sight on the brains of the rats exposed that those who were never fed with the DHA supplements had even developed the symptoms of resistance to insulin, a hormone which regulates the level of blood sugar and controls of the function of brain. Since the insulin can get deeper into the blood brain barrier, the hormone might indicate the neurons to activate the reactions which disrupt the learning and then result in memory loss.



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