Sugary Drinks: Harmful to the Heart

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Consuming sugar sweetened drinks regularly raised men’s risk of heart disease, discovered a long term research. Researchers observed data from almost 43,000 men in the follow up study of the health professionals and discovered that those who consumed one 12-oz sugar sweetened drinks everyday had an elevated 20% risk of heart disease than those individuals who did not consume any such drink. They also discovered that intake of sugar-sweetened drinks was associated to elevated levels of harmful fats and inflammation in the bloodstream. These are diabetes and obesity epidemics that will finally result to an augmented number of heart attack deaths in the coming years. The rates of obesity have enhanced in tandem with intake of drinks which are sugar loaded.

The time for research must be finished. The Association of American Heart has already given suggestion for not taking more than 450 calories from sugar loaded drinks every week – less than 3 cans of soda.

Augmented heart threat with sugar loaded drinks……..

The men in the research of which most of them were white from 40 – 75 years old, were queried concerning their eating and health habits every two years starting from 1986 to 2008. They even provided a sample of blood halfway throughout the study period. The drinks which were artificially sweetened did not augment the risk of heart stroke, nor did it less the frequent intake of sugar loaded drinks, as per a study which was printed in periodical circulation.

The augmented risk of heart disease amid the men who daily consumed sugar loaded drinks persisted even following the researchers regulated other factors like alcohol use, physical inactivity, smoking, past history of heart strokes. The study definitely provides a strict justification for reducing sugary drink intake amid the patients and most imperatively, in the communal populace.



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