Suicide cause may be acne rather than acne medication

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Two years ago, according to some studies it was found that acne medication could drive people toward suicide.  But this result lies not anymore.
Now the experts revealed that in fact acne, are those that can drive people to suicide.  Young people, especially teenagers, who are more prone to acne, are linked to depression and suicide ideas compared with the acne free adolescents.

In 2008, according to a Canadian study, experts told that accutane( a medication against acne) is also available in generic form which is isotretinoin. But dermatologists are not willing anymore to prescribe isotretinoin.

In the study 3,775 teenagers males and females were involved.

  • Females with acne showed having two times higher suicidal thoughts, than females not having acne
  • Males with acne showed having three times higher suicidal thoughts, than males not having acne
  • Young people with acne were 51% more likely to be virgin
  • Young people with acne were less likely to have close friends

The researchers concluded:
Acne is frequently found in late adolescence and is associated with social and psychological problems. Adverse events including suicidal ideation and depression that have been associated with therapies for acne may reflect the burden of substantial acne rather than the effects of medication.



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