Summer fatigue

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For some people, summer depression has a biological cause. For others, stress is accumulated and this may make them feel unhappy.

While others enjoy the sun and the other pleasures of summer, you can’t change your status. What causes it and especially what you can do to improve the tone you are on these lines.


1. Overview
2. Symptoms of summer depression
3. Summer fatigue characteristics
4. How to overcome summer depression

Symptoms of summer depression

Fatigue is considered a summer seasonal affective disorder according to specific models of major depression or bipolar disorder. Those who suffer from summer depression may have some of these symptoms of fatigue both spring and summer of the:

- depression, feelings of worthlessness
- anxiety
- insomnia
- irritability
- agitation
- decreased appetite
- weight loss
- decrease libido
- suicidal thoughts and feelings

These manifestations disappear in fall and reappear next spring.

Summer fatigue characteristics

Seasonal affective disorder can cause depression especially during cold and short winter. However, approximately 10% of people, depression can occur at the beginning of summer.

If you have previously suffered from depression, probably know that routine is the solution for relieving symptoms. During the summer routine is difficult to observe, because you are busy all day, especially if you have young children. Holiday children can disrupt work, sleep and eating habits, and these may contribute to the development of summer fatigue.

- Body image issues – when temperatures rise and dress with less clothes, the self-conscious body increases. You will feel awkward and embarrassed when you must wear shorts or bathing suit. Although most of the summer meetings are held around the pool or the beach, some people begin to avoid social situations because they feel uncomfortable.

- Financial concerns – summers can be costly. Is holiday and, if you are parents, you have to spend more money for summer camps or babysitters to care for your children while you are at work. Costs may increase the feeling of summer depression.

- Heat – many people enjoy the torrid heat. They like to spend time on the beach, under the burning sun. For those who do not bear the light, summer heat can really become overwhelming. You begin to spend every weekend holed up in rooms with air conditioning, even if it will harm. It is also possible to skip dinner because of humidity.

All these things contribute to summer depression.

How to overcome summer depression

- Ask for help – is simple. If you feel depressed, regardless of the year period, ask for help. Talk to a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist or social worker. Consult your family doctor who may prescribe medicine. Do not ignore symptoms of depression.

Do not wait to get solved by itself. Sometimes depression can turn summer into one long episode of major depression. Even if your depression will disappear in September, you have no reason to ignore it in June. This way you avoid a three months period filled by a strong discomfort. Temporary depression can be quite uncomfortable. Impact on family and the job could be permanent.

- Plan some fun activities – they do not have to be expensive. A day off in which you can take dinner with a friend or reading a book at home can load your body with power for coming weeks. If you have severe depression, plan an enjoyable action a few weeks to maintain high motivation to overcome depression. Whatever you could offer little joy would be suitable for hot summer afternoons.

- Exercise consistently – many studies have confirmed that regular physical activity helps to treat depression. Even if it is too hot for your normal activities, try to find ways to overcome summer depression by remaining active. You can exercise early morning or late at night when it is not too hot. Consider fitness and exercise in a cold basement. If it seems a good idea and will mobilize, you can do exercise with a friend or two.

- Find a substitute for triggers – try to re-train the brain to generate new connections, so the anxiety that may result from exposure to an event considered negative to be diminished. Appropriate would be to replace recurring memories with positive events that may occur during summer.

- Do not overdo it with diet and fitness – should not be concerned about diet and exercise constantly to wear the same bathing suit last year. You can feel miserable if you’ve noticed that you have gained. However, you should do exercise and eat in moderation. If you choose a restricted diet, you will probably not follow strictly and failure will demoralize and the summer depression will worsen.

- Protect yourself – if you feel too tired to be host of parties or simple grills, you can go to visit your friends. No need to bask in the summer depression and unnecessary bother if there are alternatives.

- Do not isolated – no matter how tempting it might be during the summer to be deprived of human company, try not to do. This way, your mood might improve, if not join the discussions of others. If you prefer air conditioning at home would be wise to have at least one person around (brother, friend) to stay connected with world around.



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