Sun Screen—Can Lead To Endometriosis?

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In endometriosis, the tissues which line the growth of uterus outside the womb, results to infertility and pain in certain cases. The researcher said that the reasons of these general conditions are fuzzy and nothing is justified as far as the chemicals are to be thought of. In case these chemicals encourage the threat of endometriosis, the results did not justify as to how many more females may get the diseases. Dermatologists think that the sunscreens are very complicated in the prevention of skin tumors.

Much research is needed into link:

Even now the research authors wrote that their results must encourage additional research into a likely link. Study is particularly imperative as the chemicals in question are discovered in various other products like lotions and moisturizers, said the research authors. There are certain things which al should consider and think about. They are going to conduct more additional studies and look at various cosmetics and products of personal care which contain certain compounds to ascertain as to what level the individuals are uncovered to each day.

In a recent research, the researchers scrutinized urine of around 625 females from Utah and California. Those individuals who were detected with endometriosis were more possible to have an elevated level of chemical filters which are present in the urine of the females.

The results:

There is a concern which is sure. However at what levels of usage the researchers should be anxious about? They still did not know. It is yet unclear if these chemicals might have any negative impact on the males. If these chemicals certainly have an association to endometriosis, this may connect to their capability to change estrogen, said the researchers. You can find this study online in a recent periodical environmental Science and Technology.



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