Superior Health Is Observed In Gay Married Men Than Single Gay Men

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Homosexuals are very common in the presently more liberated society. In some states are countries, gay marriages are already permitted in favor of this portion of the population. Nonetheless, is there really a difference whether these men are married to each other or not? According to the researchers at the Mailman School of Public Health, men in same-sex marriages have better health, less doctor visits and lower health care costs, in comparison with gay or bisexuals who single. Moreover, they said that gay men generally have lower stress levels when states have existing legal protections for same-sex marriages; an example is Massachusetts. The article entitled, “Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on health Care Use and Expenditures in Sexual Minority Men: A Quasi-Natural Experiment”, found in the American Journal of Public Health.

Mark L. Hatzenvuehler, PhD, the lead author, stated that the study results imply that removing the obstructions to marriage aids in achieving better health of gay and bisexual men. It was observed that twelve months after the same-sex marriage in Massachusetts was legalized in 2003, there were notable changes in the following aspects in health care: (a) medical care visits fewer by 13%; (b) number of mental healthcare visits dropped significantly; (c) health care costs decreased by 14%; and (d) HIV-related visits remained the same among HIV-positive males.

Hatzenbuehler and his colleagues collected data on 1,211 patients from a community-based health clinic in Massachusetts, specializing in sexual minorities. After the legalization of same-sex marriage, the research team studied the clinic’s billing records; they discovered stress-linked condition like, high blood pressure, depression and adjustment disorders became remarkably less common.  Dr. Hatzenbuehler further added that these study results depicts how marriage equality can bring several public health benefits through the decline in stress-related health conditions among gay and bisexual males.

Furthermore, the authors elaborated that studies done previously showed that prohibiting same sex marriages led to more stress for gay and bisexuals. They also said that this novel research is the first to identify the wide effects of same-sex marriages have on the usage of healthcare and its expenditure among gay and bisexual men. In addition, they were not able to include the lesbians in their research because the number of this group’s records in the clinic was insufficient. Also, according to Dr. Hatzenbuehler, this study created significant contributions to an emergent body of proofs of the benefits that marriage equality has on the social, economic and health aspects of society.




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