Symptoms of Lymph Nodes Cancer: How To Spot Them?

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Cancer is a very dreadful phenomenon. It is already considered a common condition over the years. Millions are suffering from it and million other people are expected to suffer from this condition in the next few years. Cancer, though, is a very broad term and there are different types of cancer known to medicine.

Cancer may occur in different body systems like the skin, or specific organs like the liver, lungs, stomach, intestines and many other organs… in fact, almost all organs are prone to developing cancerous lesions. Even LYMPH NODES are common target of malignant formations. Lymph node cancer is referred to as LYMPHOMA.

Causes of Lymphoma

Lymphoma results from the abnormal growth of malignant cells in the lymph nodes. And since lymph nodes occur in clusters and in network, it is possible for the malignancy to spread all throughout the body systems. Like many other malignancies, lymphoma causes are unknown but risks associated with the condition are identified, i.e. genetics and heredity, exposure to radiation, previous infections and many other environmental factors.

Cancer of Lymph Nodes Symptoms

-          Swelling of Lymph Nodes. The initial cancer of lymph nodes symptoms is its swelling. It can either be felt or seen by an unaided eye. Unlike other lymph nodes which swell in response to an underlying condition, cancerous lymph nodes are usually firm and taut and when one touches it, no tenderness or pain is usually felt.

-          Tiredness and Easy Fatigability. The reason why easy fatigability and tiredness often comes out as cancer of lymph node symptoms is because the cancer cells act like parasites. They eat up too much calories in a person’s body, leaving very little to the person itself. With the amount of calories left, a person won’t be able to perform the usual activities he can do with minimum effort.

-          Unexplained Weight Loss. This can also be correlated to the cancer of lymph nodes symptoms of easy tiredness. Because of the less amount of calories left, the body now tends to make use of the stored fats and muscles for energy expenditures, thus unexplained weight loss takes place.

-          Pain. Pain or discomfort is not very usual with lymph nodes cancer, most especially when we speak of the lymph nodes themselves. The pain that may present with cancer of the lymph nodes is abdominal pain whose severity may vary in degrees depending on the reaction of the body to cancer.

-          Anemia. Anemia may also occur due to the tendency of the cancer cells to eat up the nutrients in the body that keeps blood healthy and functional. This can also go hand in hand with how weight loss and easy fatigability take place since blood is an important delivery medium of these functions.

-          Itchiness. Itchiness is a distinct symptom for lymph nodes cancer. A person with lymph nodes cancer may experience severe itchiness in either a patch of the skin or in the entire body.

Like most other cancers, when diagnosed at an early point and managed properly, fatality from this malignancy can be avoided. The general and specific cancer of lymph nodes symptoms will help you have, at least, an idea as to when you should start seeking medical attention.



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