Symptoms and Treatment for Male Yeast Infections

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Most men today might have a yeast infection and not know about it as it is very difficult to detect a yeast infection until it creates greater problems with health. Men who drink beer have a larger chance of having penile yeast infections but they hardly realize it as the outside temperature of the male skin is about 77 degree the infection remains dormant. In some cases though the penile yeast infection is noticeable because the skin cracks up when he has erections and it can get extremely painful.

Some of the types of male yeast infections and symptoms are:

  • Penile yeast infections are the most uncomfortable yeast infections suffered by males. The symptoms are burning sensation, itching and aching during sexual intercourse or during urination. The penis turns red in color and also very painful. The infection is accompanied by blisters and red patches. An unusual whitish and unpleasant discharge makes the tip of the penis red and painful.
  • Oral yeast infections come with a few symptoms like white lesions that appear in the mouth, near the tongue or in the inner cheek. It can sometimes appear on the top of the mouth, gum, tonsils, or at the back of the throat. These lesions are painful and they bleed during brushing the teeth.
  • And internal yeast infections symptoms in male include constipation, bad breath, indigestion, frequent diarrhea, bloating, frequent intestinal gas, very loose stools, sexual dysfunction, mood swings and irritability.

Some of the treatment methods for the cure of yeast infection in male are:

  • The sugar intake needs to be reduced to the minimum consumption to meet the daily energy requirements.
  • Colon cleansing is one of the most effective methods. Drinking a lot of water results in freuqnt urination which in turn flushes out more toxins from the body.
  • Garlic is known for it’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Other such natural remedies include the intake of coconut oil, cinnamon bark and oil, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, yogurt and oregano oil.
  • Some of the over the counter medications are lamisil, Micatin and lotrimin.

Being able to diagnose and treat a yeast infection for a man is different, and potentially more difficult, than for a woman. This takes a trained person, usually carrying a RN-BSN nursing degree due to the focus area, so that errors are not made and the correct diagnosis is delivered




  1. Gary Stephany says:

    any men don’t realize they have a yeast infection because the symptoms often don’t present themselves as clearly as they do in women. Failure to treat the infection, however, can lead to many more serious medical problems. I f a man even suspects he may have an infection after reviewing the information here, he should proceed immediately to treat it. In particular, he should look to cure it and not just treat the symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

  2. when i ejaculate inside my fiancels vagina it drips out, could this also be a part of yeast infection?

  3. satinder singh says:

    i have a problem. my foreskin is stiking back to the head of the penis. i tried pulling it back but it doesn’t separate. please any suggestions

  4. How can i release this problem ?

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