Prozac vs Effexor


Prozac and Effexor are both psychoactive drugs and are mainly used in the treatment of depression. As these drugs are considered anti-depressants, these are also known to produce a number of side effects, mostly manifesting in psychiatric terms. … [Read more...]

Prozac vs Pristiq


Depression is a treatable condition—most especially today when many anti-depressants are available in the pharmacy via a doctor’s prescription. There is no reason for one to undergo a lot of hardships during a depressed state. Get to know these … [Read more...]

Prozac vs Wellbutrin


Prozac and Wellbutrin are two very common drugs which psychiatrists prescribe for the treatment of depression. Being aware of what these drugs do to our system and how they may affect us will help in the faster recovery and safer means of taking … [Read more...]

Lexapro vs Paxil


Since depression is a very multi-factorial occurrence among people—there are many causes which can be attributed to such disorder. It can be due to the external forces, internal make up, genetics, and many other things which has an impact on a … [Read more...]

Depression: Common in People Living Solo!


Recent study printed in BioMed Central’s open access periodical displays that the threat of depression, measured by individuals consuming antidepressants, is around 80% higher for those people who live alone, when evaluated to people who lived with … [Read more...]

Advantages of Anti-depressants


Besides present discussion on how well the antidepressants actually work in individuals with only moderate or mild depression, a novel Meta analysis recommends they might have certain benefits across the board. The investigators discovered that more … [Read more...]

Anti-Depressant Use in the US


More and more Americans are already using anti-depressants, according to a new study.Anti-depressant drugs are specific class of drugs which are used to treat depression and anxiety. This class of drug has been widely used across the globe, … [Read more...]

Zoloft vs Pristiq


There are countless drugs that physicians prescribe for people suffering from clinical depression. The drug groups include MAOIs, SSRIs, SSNRIs, TCAs etc—while these drug groups may sound too complicated… their functions are easy. Common drugs that … [Read more...]

Xanax vs. Lexapro


Although highly interrelated, both anxiety and depression are two separate entities in the book of psychiatric disorders. Anxiety can be brought about by daily stresses in life; in fact many forms of anxieties are normal. Depression however should … [Read more...]