Exercise—Decreased Hypertension Related Deaths Among Elderly


The exercises decreased the threat of death in individuals suffering from high blood pressure at times of the new course of a recent 12 years research. The investigators even discovered that the inactivity augmented the threat of death at times of … [Read more...]

Conditions for Menopause


Some of the international researchers formed a team and discovered 13 new areas of genome which were connected with the timing of menopause. There are biological pathways which are involved in the reproductive span and these genes shed light on them … [Read more...]

Alterations in BP During Middle Age Can Effect Future Health Risks


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Heart Disease Mortality Slashes Down


For the past decades, mortality rates of heart diseases in US have been a hot issue which alarmed the whole population to take necessary precautions with regards to their health. It was noted today that the figures of deaths from heart diseases are … [Read more...]

Is It Okay To Leave on the Same Day You Got Stented?


Patients who underwent stenting, even the older patients, can leave the hospital on the same day after the operation. It is possible with no risk of complications according to the findings of a new study.However, it is only possible to patients who … [Read more...]