Zoloft vs. Celexa


Zoloft and Celexa are popular anti-depressant which is used to diminish the clinical signs of depression and lift up one’s mood. Depression can be very destructive in one’s life and can affect one’s social, family and personal life. It is a must that … [Read more...]

Xanax vs. Prozac


Xanax and Prozac are two very common drugs when we talk of psychiatric medications. The former, Xanax, is popular for the treatment of anxiety; while the latter, Prozac is used widely for depression. Being an anti-anxiety drug and anti-depressant … [Read more...]

Feeling tired? Here are 4 explanations for your fatigue


Feeling tired is not something out of the ordinary. We all have days when we feel like we can't do anything and all we want is to lie down on the sofa and relax or even take a nap. This lack of energy can be fixed usually by supplementing the diet … [Read more...]

Lexapro vs Pristiq


Depression is a common occurrence in most people. While we usually say “I am depressed” or “I feel depressed” in certain life situations, clinical depression is a much different case. Depression is the occurrence of sadness, loss of interest in daily … [Read more...]

Prozac vs Wellbutrin


Prozac and Wellbutrin are two very common drugs which psychiatrists prescribe for the treatment of depression. Being aware of what these drugs do to our system and how they may affect us will help in the faster recovery and safer means of taking … [Read more...]

The Role of Guilt in Stress and Depression


The researchers have proved that the brains of the individuals with depression reacted differently to sentiments of guilt – even following their signs have subsided. The researchers from the University of Manchester discovered that the brain scans of … [Read more...]

Strolling in the Garden Releases Stress


In the initial of the studies to evaluate the impact of the nature walks on intellectual and mood in individuals with main depression, the investigators in Canada and United States have discovered promising proof that a walk in the garden and park … [Read more...]

Taking Email Breaks Decreases Stress and Focus


Being cut off from professional email prominently decreases depression and permits the workers to give better attention in future, as per the recent study by US Army investigators. Monitors of heart rate were linked to the computer users in office … [Read more...]

Low Income Mother Might Lead To Overfeeding Babies


Poor or low-income mothers who are single or mothers who have severe depression are more possible to overfeed their babies by adding to the baby bottles a small quantity of cereal, a practice which could result to extra weight gain in babies, a … [Read more...]

Blood Test for Depression


The investigators have established a blood test which might one day assist diagnosing the teenagers with depression. To establish the test, the investigators ascertained 26 possible biological markers for stress and depression. Then they evaluated … [Read more...]