Understanding Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemia


So you have been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus? You may feel devastated at this very moment but certainly, feeling depressed and hopeless won’t do you any good. Getting to know more about this certain disease, its types, treatment methods, and the … [Read more...]

Obese Children with Low Vitamin D, More Likely To Have Diabetes


Childhood obesity is now considered as a global health problem because of the increasing number of children who are categorized as either overweight or obese, also, the appearance of incidences of cardiovascular diseases are now being observed in … [Read more...]

Cancer-Risk Can Be Prevented by Diabetes Drug-Metformin


One of the metabolic diseases that is rapidly affecting millions of people worldwide is Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes may either be lifestyle related (develops through time-type II) or juvenile in onset (type I). It is a state wherein the blood sugar … [Read more...]

Diabetes Risk Heightened by Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs


The increasing number of patients suffering from Diabetes Mellitus is still continuously growing and growing in the present time. In fact, the World Health Organization states that at least 171 million people worldwide have a medical condition of … [Read more...]

Risk for Diabetes in Patients with Kidney Stones


Having diabetes can surely predispose a person to a lot of complications. This includes problems with the eye, kidneys and other major organs that human body has. In fact, other studies have established that diabetes can put a person at a greater … [Read more...]

Fluid Intake and Blood Sugar Level


Obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and stress are some of the health risk that can predispose a person to certain diseases, especially high blood sugar. Many people are enjoying the pleasure of eating, in fact, for some it alleviates stress and this … [Read more...]

Diabetic Women and Breast Cancer


Breast cancer has been linked to several and multiple factors which can contribute to a heightened risk of developing the disease. Some of these factors include hormones and nutrition. According to a new study, women who are suffering from diabetes … [Read more...]

Hyperglycemia ICD 9

Diabetes is a crucial condition. It may be caused by a low insulin level, if not a complete absence of the hormone insulin. As you might have already know, insulin is very essential in keeping our blood sugar level at its most normal level by … [Read more...]

Why Do I Have Hyperglycemia?


You have diabetes—it might seem the like the end of the world for you but one thing you have to understand about Diabetes is that it is a highly manageable condition. True—that diabetes can lead to many complications like loss of limbs and body … [Read more...]

Top 4 Hyperglycemia Treatments


Too much of everything is dangerous—the same aphorism is also held true for sugar and sweets! While sugar and sweets are such a delight to the taste and appetite, uncontrolled intake of such foods can be devastating to the health, most especially if … [Read more...]