Prozac vs Effexor


Prozac and Effexor are both psychoactive drugs and are mainly used in the treatment of depression. As these drugs are considered anti-depressants, these are also known to produce a number of side effects, mostly manifesting in psychiatric terms. … [Read more...]

Prozac vs Pristiq


Depression is a treatable condition—most especially today when many anti-depressants are available in the pharmacy via a doctor’s prescription. There is no reason for one to undergo a lot of hardships during a depressed state. Get to know these … [Read more...]

Prozac vs Wellbutrin


Prozac and Wellbutrin are two very common drugs which psychiatrists prescribe for the treatment of depression. Being aware of what these drugs do to our system and how they may affect us will help in the faster recovery and safer means of taking … [Read more...]

Prozac vs. Lexapro


Pharmaceutical companies are exerting a lot of efforts in creating the best drugs for psychiatric disorders with the least side effects and adverse effects to patients. Of the psychiatric disorders classified in the Diagnostic Manual of Psychiatric … [Read more...]

Xanax vs. Prozac


Xanax and Prozac are two very common drugs when we talk of psychiatric medications. The former, Xanax, is popular for the treatment of anxiety; while the latter, Prozac is used widely for depression. Being an anti-anxiety drug and anti-depressant … [Read more...]

Prozac vs Cymbalta


Prozac and Cymbalta are well known anti-depressants. Both drugs treat depression in different ways and as such, each of these drugs has its own properties which a patient must be aware of. Knowledge of these properties is important because it can … [Read more...]

Prozac vs Paxil


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Prozac vs. Celexa


When we speak of depression, clinical treatment regarding this disease is mainly done through the use of medications. Different types and formulas of drugs for depression have been developed and certain categories have been classified such as SSRIs, … [Read more...]