Hearing Loss Puts People at Risk for Falls


Hearing loss has been associated with an assortment of social, medical and cognitive ills which include dementia also. But a novel research which was led by Johns Hopkins recommends that the hearing loss might also be a threat factor for another … [Read more...]

High Volumes Leads to Early Hearing Loss


People in this world are fond of hearing the songs with numerous gadgets like MP3, iPad and many other gizmons. In comparison with adults, teenagers are using these modes more frequently since these modes give more crisp and clear acoustics.Younger … [Read more...]

Hearing Loss Incidences: Escalating


Communication is a very significant aspect of daily living. Every human being interacts with each other through language, but in order for them to understand each other, there must be a mutual process of talking and listening to both sides. For a man … [Read more...]