Warning:Solarium and skin cancer


Solarium and skin cancer: What you choose is...what you get! Women have always had a strange sense of following beauty trends, even though this might have assumed making a few sacrifices: high heeled shoes that ‘kill' our legs and backs after one day … [Read more...]

Can Pain Relievers Provide Protection from Skin Cancer?


A recent research recommends that aspirin and many other similar painkillers might aid in protecting the individuals against skin cancer. Posted online in a journal CANCER, a peer reviewed periodical of the ACS, the results show that the skin cancer … [Read more...]

Indoor Tanning Causes Skin Cancer, Women at Greater Risk

If you are one of the 28 million people in the U.S who use Indoor Tanning, as according to the Indoor Tanning Association, prepare to get rid of the practice altogether as new study shows that indoor tanning is highly risky and indoor tanners are … [Read more...]

Skin Cancer Risk Heightened By Chronic Bowel Disease Drugs


Medications are very important part of the treatment regimen when a person is having a disease and wants treatment for that disease. It is a must that an individual must know the possible side effects and adverse effects of medications he is taking … [Read more...]

The Effects of Sun Exposure on Younger Generation


Prolonged sun exposure is already a proven fact that it is one of the major risk factors which can cause skin cancer. The excessive ultraviolet rays which are absorbed by the skin can cause alterations in the skin making it dull and unhealthy, and … [Read more...]

How UV Rays Can Harm the Skin


The skin is considered to be the first line of defense of the body against any microorganism which has plans of going inside the human body. It serves as a barrier not only to microorganisms, but as well to other things that exists in the environment … [Read more...]

Banning Tanning Booths, Lessens Risk for Skin Cancer


Individuals who want to change their skin color into tan go to try various measures in order to achieve their dream skin color. These people go to beaches and expose their skin to the glaring heat of sun for a prolong period of time just to attain … [Read more...]

Coffee and Cancer Risk


Modern technology and global warming have brought multiple health risks which are bothersome for those individuals who are more susceptible from having a disease. Ultraviolet rays which can be absorbed by the skin from too much exposure to the sun, … [Read more...]