Severe Sleep Apnea Complications


Sleep apnea is the sudden cessation of breathing while a person is asleep. It may be a result of a mechanical obstruction, a problem in the brain signals to our respiratory muscles or a mixture of both. Whatever the real cause of sleep apnea is, we … [Read more...]

Qualifying for Sleep Apnea Disability


Sleep apnea is a concerning condition—however many people look at it as nothing serious. The fact is, when sleep apnea is unmanaged and uncorrected, deadly complications like heart attack and stroke can occur.Getting the best and most effective … [Read more...]

Telling Your Roommate to Stop Snoring


One of the worst experiences that you may have when you are sharing a dormitory with other students is not being able to sleep soundly at night. As much as you want to spend at least 8 hours in deep slumber, you might find out soon that it's almost … [Read more...]

Commercial Aids To Stop Snoring


Snoring can be such a pain in the neck! Perhaps everyone will agree to that. The thing with snoring is that it not only affects the person who snores…moreover it affects the person who cannot sleep because of the snoring chants that one gives each … [Read more...]

How Can My Child Be Treated From Sleep Apnea?


You have to be mindful if your kid is snoring at night, most especially if you have noticed that these snoring episodes have been going on for the past few days or weeks. Surely, this isn’t something normal. While most people believe that snoring is … [Read more...]

Top Causes of Central Sleep Apnea


Sleep apnea is a very concerning condition—it affects both men and women, adults, teens and children, rich or poor, healthy people or even those with diseases…that is how diverse sleep apnea can become. While sleep apnea may seem like a “single type” … [Read more...]

Sleep Apnea 101


Snore, snore and more snore—that’s what we get from people with sleep apnea. However, though people with sleep apnea may sound so annoying and bothersome especially at night, we have to know that sleep apnea is not something we must blame these … [Read more...]

Identifying Sleep Apnea In Your Kid


Sleep apnea not only affects the adult population—children are not spared from suffering this harmful condition. As parents, it is important that we have to be aware of sleep apnea in children, how we can correct this certain condition and how we can … [Read more...]

Getting Comfort While Using Sleep Apnea Masks


Using sleep apnea masks is one effective way of relieving oneself from the threats of sleep apnea and snoring. There are a lot of masks that one can use to treat sleep apnea and there are several sleep apnea masks that have become popular to many … [Read more...]

Top 5 Stop Snoring Home Remedies


Snoring is a worldwide concern and finding a stop snoring remedy that can fit your situation might not be that easy. Snoring causes are unique on each individual—it may be caused by some mechanical malformations in the nasal and pharyngeal cavities, … [Read more...]