10 Tips on how to calm down peptic ulcer pain

Every time we eat our stomach produces a certain quantity of acid for digesting the food. This acid is powerful enough to harm the inner layer of the stomach, but thanks to the mucus that surrounds the stomach and duodenum this thing does not … [Read more...]

Hypocalcaemia, signs, symptoms and remedies

Hypocalcaemia is a group of symptoms that appear when the level of calcium from the blood decreases abnormally. We often hear about women who complain of dizziness, fainting-like sensations and accelerating breathing. After prescribing some calcium … [Read more...]

How to remove splinters from underneath the skin

Whether you work in your garden or are redecorating, or just cleaning up, you can always get splinters underneath your skin. Even if they are deeply burrowed in the skin, or not, they must be removed as soon as possible in order to avoid any … [Read more...]

6 helpful tips on how to stop snoring

Snoring might be a funny subject for some people, but for those who are affected in a direct or indirect way by it can be a serious problem. Snoring can be a marriage breaker as it can affect the partner's sleep. Besides this, snoring can cause sleep … [Read more...]