Taking Care of Tennis Elbow Braces

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If you are getting the feeling that your elbows are swelling—then better consult a doctor because you may already have Tennis elbow.  Tennis elbow may happen to those people who make use of their elbows excessively—to name a few are painters (who paint buildings, walls, etc), baseball, badminton and TENNIS players, who swing their elbows and shoulders at least a hundred times each day, and other people who, with the demands of their job, lift weights/ heavy materials most of the time.

What Is Tennis Elbow?

Medically referred to as lateral epicondylitis, a tennis elbow may present with inflammation and tenderness of the elbow. Such inflammation may prevent proper movement, bending, or even interrupt with a person’s normal activities at home.

Treatment for Tennis Elbows

There are various approaches in treating a Tennis Elbow and because there is pain, most physicians prescribed pain relief drugs and anti-inflammatory medications. Placing the affected elbows at rest is also beneficial and in severe cases, a tennis elbow brace can be used.

In times like this, it would be best to wear braces for tennis elbow so that you could protect your elbow from further damage.

How To Care For Tennis Elbows?

Braces for tennis elbow may be the only thing that you will need to treat such injury, once you get your own braces for tennis elbow, you need to know how to use it properly.  Here are the steps on wearing the brace:

  1. First thing that you should do is to inspect the braces for tennis elbow for some defects.  By making sure that the braces are in good condition, you are going to avoid additional injury that may arise because of a defective product.
  2. Try to straighten your arm by extending it.  At this angle, it would be easier to pull the braces for tennis elbow.
  3. Once positioned, you can now hold the brace by your opposite hand.  Be sure that it can be rotated so that you can adjust it to the top and bottom of the arm.
  4. By using one smooth motion, pull the elbow brace firmly over the lower arm.
  5. Properly position the elbow brace so that the angle of the arm is at the edge of the brace.  Be sure that there is an equivalent length of the cloth above and below the elbow.
  6. If you need to fasten any closure at the elbow, then do so.  Secure it so that you can be sure that it is not too tight.
  7. Bend the arm at the elbow.  Once that you feel any pain, adjust the setting of the brace in a downward or upward position until it is more comfortable.
  8. Wash the brace daily.

Making use of tennis elbow braces is an efficient method of treating tennis elbows. However, use of it alone is not sufficient—we have to make sure that we make use of it properly, efficiently and the best way possible in order to maximize the benefits that we may get out of it.




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