Taxi Drivers and the Need for First Aid Knowledge

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Mr. JS Ndebele MP, who is the minister of transport, has declared the introduction of a brand new project which is targeted at providing the taxi drivers with skills of life saving first aid. This proactive project, which is spearheading by the Department of Transport, was introduced in Midrand. The beginning which is a mutual project looks to provide the taxi drivers with excellent traits to provide efficient, first line of care assistance to the members of the community engaged in medical urgencies while on the road. It is expected that this project will be rolled out all through the nation South Africa.

The taxi drivers frequent first on the scene:

The taxi drivers are the main members of the society which spend maximum quantity of time on the roads of South Africa. They are hence frequently the first ones on the emergency scene. By giving these taxi drivers sound knowledge and information regarding first aid, they shall be in a better position to help the sick and injured individuals thereby assisting in saving their life.

Not just this will represent a valuable service to the South African fellows along with the road users in common; however this will even serve to augment the complete perceptions of the industry that has frequently in the past been tainted unfairly. This program which adopts Operation Hlokomela is a significant South African initial and will become an important part of the road safety program of UN in the year 2011-2020. The researchers also say that as they started this program they found that even they taxi drivers are very excited about this program. They feel that if they are trained with these skills, they will have better idea regarding what to do in emergency situations.



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