Teenage Sun Damage On Skin

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In a recent research which shows a particular kind of photography to reveal the hidden symptoms of sun damage, the middle schoolers displayed the evidence of levels of UV exposure which can increase the threat of melanoma afterward in life. The technology spotted who are suspected to the negative effects of maximum time spent in the training, the investigators observed. However it was even used as a powerful prevention to teenagers who considered basking in sun’s UV rays as a healthy habit. There are 2 issues here, as justified by the co-author of the study from the University of Denver. One thing is that there is nothing much better for keeping the teens out of tanning booth than displaying these images. What we did not know earlier was if these poor images which scared individuals were linked with skin cancer.

Now they have discovered these images do have association. When individuals have many moles, are redhead or have blue eyes – all things we know are linked with elevated threat of melanoma – you have worst images of UV. And another astonishing thing is that by the age of 12 and 13 we already experience lot of sun damage. And as seeing this damage in UV photo form is kind of meeting the inner zombie, and this can be an excellent tool in getting the teens to consider about the safety from sun in a much personal manner.

The results of the research showed the severity of sun damage in the UV images which was ascertained to line up closely with other factors which have been associated to elevated cancer risk. The research shows that the UV images do not lie and the more damage the technology enlightens, the greater is the risk of cancer.




  1. Where can we get uv pics done? Im 13 and want to know mine.

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