Telling Your Roommate to Stop Snoring

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One of the worst experiences that you may have when you are sharing a dormitory with other students is not being able to sleep soundly at night. As much as you want to spend at least 8 hours in deep slumber, you might find out soon that it’s almost time to start preparing yourself for school.

As much as you want to get a single room for yourself, your allowance just won’t let you. You sure know that confronting your roommate about this problem will not solve the problem. But confronting him or her isn’t the only way to go–presenting solutions in resolving this problem is what you might need to do.

There are various ways by which you can help your room buddy resolve this stigmatizing concern. Here is a list of the things you could work out for your roommate as to how to stop snoring.

The Use of Essential Oils

Making use of essential oils as fragrances in your room can greatly help how to stop snoring. Lavender, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Chamomile oils are some essential oils that many people use in their rooms. These oils promote a better sleeping experience most especially if they are inhaled all throughout sleeping.

Proper Positioning on Bed

Sleeping on your side can lessen incidences if snoring. When we sleep on our side we lessen the propensity of our tongue to slide backward and our throat muscles to fall downward. These instances can create a mechanical obstruction in your throat leading to sleep apnea and snoring.

Snoring Exercises

As fancy as they may seem, how to stop snoring exercises are considered effective by many. The purpose of exercises is to strengthen the tongue and throat muscles in order to prevent them from sliding backwards. Examples of snoring exercises are chewing, extending the tongue, grinning wide and the likes.

Proper Diet

Before sleeping, it is important not to eat foods which tend to be trapped inside the throat surfaces. Examples of such foods are dairy products like milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese, etc. Also, some contend that even without ingesting dairy products, some people who tend to eat heavily before going to sleep exhibit more occurrences of snoring compared to those who do not eat immediately prior to sleeping.

Limit Your Vices

If you and your roommate are hard drinkers or are fond of night outs making sure you go to sleep drunk–then it’s about time that you cut down and stop such vices. Alcoholic beverages are known relaxants and these contribute to our tongue’s and throat muscle’s tendency to obstruct the airway. Apart from alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs are also known to increase one’s snoring behaviours.

Telling your roommate about this concerning problem may be awkward at first but you need to let your opinions out because this is for the benefit of both parties. Teach him or her tips on how to stop snoring and make it appear as if you also had that problem before but you have learned to control them with the aforementioned steps. Sleep apnea or snoring also has its own dangers and threats so be sure you explain these as well so both of you will have a win-win situation… who knows you can be best friends too?




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