Testosterone, How It Alters Risk for Heart Disease?

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Nutrition and other lifestyle factors are still the major indicators being considered by the medical health professionals in determining the degree of risk that an individual has in association with the development of various heart diseases. It is taken into account that those individuals who are consuming a lot of fats in their diet and have very little to no exercise at all are of heightened risk to have cardiovascular health problems. However, a new risk factor should be considered among males. This is the low levels of testosterone which can increase the risk of heart disease, according to a new study.

Testosterone is a male hormone secreted from the testicles of the males and ovaries of females. This hormone is responsible for the formation of secondary sex characteristics among the males such as: development of penis and prostate gland, increased muscle mass and bone mass, and the growth of body hairs. New studies are now linking testosterone levels with various diseases which can be acquired as a result of either a high or low level of this male hormone. One of this is the risk of developing heart diseases.

The new study which was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism involves analysis and examination of data from more than 3,600 elderly men. The researchers followed the study participants and have found out that among these elderly men, there were about six (6) per cent who died because of certain heart diseases, and further analysis reported that those men who had decreased levels of testosterone seemed to be having the highest number of deaths with heart disease as the cause.

Also, other factors that might affect the findings as to increasing the risk of heart diseases were taken into account by the researchers such as high blood pressure, and age.

Several previous studies have also been conducted linking testosterone levels with heart diseases among men. One example is a study presented last 2010 which says that ”increasing levels of testosterone were associated with a higher risk of heart disease and death from heart disease,” says Kristen T. Sueoka, MD, a resident physician in internal medicine at the University of California San Francisco. Sueoka further reported that “Experts seem to agree that low testosterone is associated with a higher risk of death from heart disease,” she says. But it’s difficult to know which came first, she says, as men may first get sick and then testosterone declines.

Moreover, many results from other researches seemed to be confusing the public because there are other researches which claim that low testosterone cannot cause certain heart problems, and there are others claiming that it can actually increase the risk. Although the main correlation between the links of testosterone causing an increase risk of developing heart diseases is still unclear, still the findings of the study can give information and widespread awareness among the general population, especially among the elderly who are males, to take into consideration the possible development of heart disease. This can be prevented any way through proper nutrition and healthy exercises and positive outlook in life.




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