Text Messages Help Relieve Stress

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Test messaging frequently turns out to be awful rap for contributing to illiteracy & elevated risk personality like reckless driving. However a communal wellbeing professor at California University has discovered a benefit to messaging, particularly for the individuals who feel depressed out, alone and isolated. A clinical psychologist, Adrian Aguilera who cures numerous low-income individuals for many intellectual disorders and depression, said that his patients submitted more associated and cared for while they received text messages which asked them to record their moods, take their prescribed medicines and reflect on optimistic connections. When I was in a complicated state and I got a SMS, I felt much healthier and positive, I felt supported and cared for. My mood improved further, said one patient from the intellectual behavior therapy crowd.

How was the study conducted?

The research initiated in the year 2010 when the researcher developed a personalized SMS intervention programme with the assistant of UCSF psychologist. In this programme the patients were sent automatic SMS which prompted them to consider and answer concerning their moods and respond to the pessimistic and optimistic daily communications. The psychologists printed the findings of the research in a periodical. They are connecting a technology which many individuals use in their regular life to progress the intellectual health in low earning and underserved society.  The researcher came up with SMS design when he recognized that most of the patients had complications using their skills, they cultured in the therapy to their regular lives, mainly due to the stressors they faced daily. They could not pay for the electronic tablets, laptops and smart phones; however many of them had a basic cell phone with a prepaid connection.

While SMS session is intended to last only for few weeks, around 75% of the individuals requested that they carry on getting the SMSs.



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