The ABC of motivation

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We all have disappointments in life every now and then. Some people get over them quickly and try to forget about them, others try to learn something new from what has happened and others can’t overcome what they have been through and loose their life motivation.

You might have a friend, a relative or it might just be you the person who doesn’t seem to get motivated any more and start a new life path. Well, things can work themselves out, but you have got to give them a hand. Check these few tips on how to get motivated once again and get back on the right track.

You should first take some time off from your job, your neighbors and your problems. Try to rediscover the nature, the Earth, and finally yourself. Overcome negative thinking and find out what you really like about you. Everybody has a good part, you just need to think a little bit and you will see you have one too. Maybe you are good with numbers; maybe you are a good listener, or a great story teller, no matter what you are, it is important for you to realize that you have a good part too and regain confidence in yourself. It is important to accept and love yourself.

Stick to your hopes and dreams. No one has the right to take them away from you. It is so refreshing to see that a dream has come true.

Take responsibility on your acts and thoughts. We are all responsible for our past, but on our future too. You can decide what to do with your future, how to improve yourself in order to achieve your dreams. You will then also learn more about ‘cause and effect’ and gain control over your life.

Enjoy what you do, enjoy your life. Motivation does not easily reach people who are not happy about themselves.

Set small goals; do not rush towards big things. Write on a piece of paper why you want to do that, what are your reasons for that goal. The more reasons you will discover, the more motivated you will get into achieving that goal.

Finally, remember that practice makes perfect. Even though you might have not succeeded in everything you have done, try to see the good part in your actions. Learn from your mistakes so that you improve yourself and move on to achieving some other goals. No one was born wise. We have all been learning step by step; some of us more, some of us less. It is important to go on with our lives and try to do things better than before, so that at the end of the day, when laying in our beds, we could all have the feeling that we have done something good in that day.




  1. Inspirational thoughts give you an inspired life – thank you.

  2. Very great article about motivation. So we have to motivate our younger by inspiring things and with good qualities.

  3. Good article to motive youngers

  4. Going to the gym, posting my goals on the wall, waking up early, sticking to a plan has always kept me motivated. Of course my brain also has its rest periods too (mostly on the weekends), however, for the most part by being productive I keep motivating my motivation.

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