The beauty pills

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If you’ve seen “Sex and the City2″ , you probably have smiled when Samantha consumed every morning a handful of pills of different colors. All “weapons” to declare war against time.
Because there are some pills that really keep you fresh and new all time. Let us introduce them to you

To improve the microcirculation.
A pill that helps for a regular blood microcirculation and keeps the skin toned.( Inneov, Imperfection D-Tox)

For skin elasticity
For all those women who have reached their 45, there are some pills that contain active anti aging ingredients and protect the face and your bust. ( Oenobiol Femme 45+)

For slower aging
A pill with grape extracts and ologoelements, every day after lunch time, helps to slow the aging process.

For a bronze skin

For skin protection against UV rays and for a bronze skin, there are “pearls” with anti oxidizers and beta-carotene. (Equilibra, Bronze Control)

To have a more effective diet

Every morning a green capsule and every night a red one: the capsules with cod liver oil and vegetal extracts’ are necessary during your diet.( Rilastil Lipofusin)

To strengthen your hair
Two pills to prevent hair fall. They strengthen you follicles and develop a more beautiful hair. The cycle lasts 8 weeks.( Dercos Aminactif)




  1. Hi can some one told me that those beauty pills is made for only women or men also can use those pills.

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