The benefits of green tea when talking about beauty

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Green tea has antioxidant properties and is used internally by a lot of people for maintaining the body young and full of energy. What some people don’t know is the fact that green tea can be used externally too, being a beauty allied.

Green tea is an excellent natural solution for treating acne and oily skin. Due to its antioxidant, antibacterial and astringent properties, green tea has a tremendous influence upon dilated pores, black heads and acne. In order to treat the skin that is affected by these previously mentioned problems you should apply regularly on a clean skin warm bandages with green tea.

Another way of applying green tea on the skin is by pulverization. Do this thing after removing your make up and cleaning the skin of the daily atmosphere impurities. In order to have a maximum effect, this external treatment should be associated with the internal therapy. This means that 2 or 3 cups of tea consumed daily will contribute a lot to the detoxification of your body, and will also improve the aspect of your skin.

Green tea is also great for diminishing dark under eye circles. Here is the trick: remove all the make-up from your skin and then apply cold green tea bags on your eyelids. The magical effect on the green tea will be visible right after 15 minutes: the dark circles and the unaesthetic under eye bags will disappear like if they never were there.

If your skin has a tired, unhealthy aspect, green tea can save you once again. Use green tea ice cubes for massaging your skin, in a delicate way. This procedure will reduce the dimension of the skin pores and will improve the blood circulation at this level. You can consider this treatment as a natural face lifting as in the end you will notice how changed and rejuvenated your skin looks. For the days you don’t have the time for such a treatment and you want your skin to remain fresh all day long, carry with you a small bottle attached to a pulverizer and fill it up with fresh green tea. Whenever in need pulverize on your skin some of this tea and you will feel refreshed right away.

You can find on the marked special skin products that contain green tea in their composition and you can use them if you do not have the time to prepare daily fresh green tea for applying on your skin. They might have a resembling effect, or even more depending on what other active substances they contain in their composition.




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