The Complex Association of Silence and Memory

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Individuals who have experienced a disturbing experience often do not wish to converse about it and many may even forget with time. But not speaking anything about the traumatic experience does not prove that you have forgotten it. If you ever attempt not to imagine about the white polar bears, you will in no time start imagining the polar bears performing the polka. A team of psychologists discovered the association between the memories and silence. This research was then published in the journal “Perspectives on Psychological Science”.

The idea of silence is that if you do not talk about anything, it will start fading. But it is not that easy, and in actual the relationship between the memories and silence is very complicated. The researchers are making efforts to figure out how do individuals remember their earlier period in a very simple and basic way. Stone says that silence prevails everywhere. He along with his co-authors separated silence about memories into various categories. Many of us think on an experience with some purpose but might not want to speak on it, or it may just not come up in any conversation. And there are many memories about which we do not talk because they do not come to mind. Many times individuals intentionally do not want to remember a particular experience.

Researchers say that there is subtle relationship amid the memory and silence. For instance, your mother asks you about your boyfriend and you speak all about the date you had yesterday, while thinking (about the exhilarating ending of the date) but not talking. The romantic finish tends to lasts for longer time period in your memory. This would not have been the case if you would have just responded her queries without imagining about the date and the afterward part of the date which was exciting. There are significant implications of silence on how we keep in mind the past which is something beyond forgetting. The findings say that in true sense, not all silence is identical, in terms of memories.




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