The dangers of restrictive diets

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Restricted diet is not the only way to lose weight. Best weight loss diet should start with developing a healthy eating plan every day, followed by a moderate increase in physical activity to burn more calories.

Restrictive diets present more risks than benefits. Most people who undergo these types of diets have regained lost weight. In addition, a restricted diet could be dangerous for the health of a person.


1. Overview
2. The body needs nutrients
3. Metabolism needs calories
4. Ineffectiveness of restrictive diets
5. Inadequate sleeping habits
6. Decreased ability to concentrate
7. Depression and anxiety

The body needs nutrients

Most of restrictive diet programs focus on reducing the amount of food or nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

If a particular food group isn’t present in your diet can occur a gap in nutrition, and this will create a long-term deficiency that can cause numerous health problems.

Lack of certain nutrients is a major cause of cravings that can lead to weight gain or other eating disorders.

Metabolism needs calories

If caloric intake is limited, then the body will slow metabolism and when you will return to your normal diet, the body will not burn that many calories as before.

As such, the weight lost will return, just by eating normal foods. Restricted caloric intake affects metabolism and may have an impact on thyroid function.

Ineffectiveness of restrictive diets

Restrictive diets have a lasting effect. They can be short-lived and may have a positive impact on social life, relationships and overall well, but the results are only short term.

People who follow them will be excess supply or inadequate nutritional choices to balance food deprivation. A balanced lifestyle that includes a variety of healthy foods and physical activity time is the best way to combat cravings and maintain an active metabolism.

A healthy diet and a few minor lifestyle changes can lead to a nice weight loss without effort, but with satisfaction.

Inadequate sleeping habits

Sleep is very important for good health and to lose weight properly. Some of the people who follow restrictive diets sleep poorly and will be deprived of energy throughout the day.

Decreased ability to concentrate

Reduction of concentration and short attention spans are the hallmark of attention deficit disorder. People who follow restrictive diets have noted a decrease in their ability to concentrate and inability to complete simple projects.

Depression and anxiety

When a person is always disappointed in themselves and do not reach these targets could end up being very disappointed and unhappy with their lives. Those who choose restrictive diets have the same thought patterns and can also experience depression, anxiety and even panic attacks.

All these arguments should convince you that following a restrictive diet is not a good idea. Appropriate would be to develop a healthy plan to lose weight plus and regular physical activity. In this way you can lose one pound a week and will not harm your body.



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