The Definite Causes of Heart Diseases

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A heart disease is one of the most morbid diseases that one can get. Many cardiovascular diseases are common causes of hospitalization, frequent visits to the doctor and even death. In fact, millions of Americans are diagnosed with a heart disease each single year…and the digit increases as time passes. This can be due to the highly modern and less-effortful society that we are living in today. Many cases also point out to diet and lifestyle.

In order to be aware of the things can point the arrow to heart diseases; here are some causes which all people need to be aware of. You may or may not have them at this moment—the thing is, we have to keep them from becoming part of our daily lives.

Sedentary Living. You may find it so relaxing and comforting to spend most of the day’s time sitting in your couch or lying in your bed while watching feel good movies… but will this benefit you in the long run? Definitely not! The more we spend our day seated with less to no physical activity, the more we expose ourselves to the threats of a heart attack or any other heart diseases.

A lifestyle without any activity is one of the known and authentic causes of heart disease. In order to counter this risk, be sure to engage yourself in physical activities at least twice or thrice a week. You can also do daily activities or spend about 15 to 20 minutes of your morning running in the treadmill or running around your lot.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Light consumption of alcohol is a known friend of the heart… but the sad fact is the heart may be too much addicted to alcohol when the person becomes too clingy to it. Alcohol can lead to high blood pressure, stroke and other morbid conditions. As such, it is important to keep your alcohol locked up inside a cabinet and keep the key away…making sure you can only access it once a week.

Drug abuse on the other hand, in all forms and quantity is detrimental to the heart. These drugs can render the cardiovascular system scrawny and keep the valves from functioning at their best performance.

Heart Disease Diets. Diets that can lead to heart diseases include fast foods, foods rich in salt, preservatives and artificial coloring.  Be sure to avoid such foods because these weaken our blood vessels and heart chambers thus keeping our heart’s pumping weak. Also, many of these foods can cause obesity, owing to their high cholesterol contents. When our blood becomes too convoluted with cholesterol, these cholesterol traces can cling to our blood vessels leading to narrower areas where our blood can flow… and you sure know what’s next.

As health-abiding citizens, we must be careful and keep away from such causes. These causes are as common as breathing but many people fail to understand and keep these in mind—thus, the high morbidity and mortality due to heart diseases. We must consider them as early as possible before we reach an older age when these causes will be a lot harder to counter and revert.




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