The Difference Between The Brain of Monkeys and Humans

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With an objective to provide comprehensive knowledge about the difference in the working of human and monkey brains, a research team discovered a new approach. This approach helped them analyze which parts of the brains responded in same manner and which responded in different way when they were exposed to a common experience. In this research they explain as to how they exposed the two groups of humans and monkeys to a similar section of a Hollywood movie. Their minds were monitored through the FMRI. They found that certain areas of brains responded in similar manner while some areas surprised the researchers.

Initially the studies proved that whenever the brains of humans and monkeys were compared the two displayed similar kind of intellectual processing. But the novel research proved this wrong and set out the challenge to find the exact picture. The researchers enlisted 24 human participants and four monkeys. Both were tested by showing a segment from the movie “the good, the bad and the Ugly”. Their minds were being monitored via FMRI. They discovered that there were various instances when the humans and monkey brains lit up in similar ways. These regions were accountable for the vision. There were differences too like the visual regions of cortex which are involved in making sense of whatever they see.

In this case, various regions were activated in absolutely different regions of the brains and in various other cases the activations were postponed with respect to time. This suggested that the two species apply different regions of their brains to execute some of the basic functions. These studies however do not prove that human beings have moved functionally with time, like it is possible with the monkeys as they might have got bored with the movie when they did not understand.



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