The dilemma future mothers have : Natural Birth Or Cesarean

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From the moment they find out they are going to have a baby, women have to reorganize their lives. Healthy foods, proper vitamins, special exercises, physical examinations are all part from the future mother’s life. Decisions have to be taken, regarding mainly the best interest of the baby. The father is in a lot of cases near the mother and is ready to help her, but he can’t solve all the dilemmas the mother has during those nine moths.

Women that are at their first pregnancy want to know how they should proceed with certain things, they want to make things right for them and the baby, and so they ask their mothers, their friends and the gynecologist about almost everything. But this takes time and not all of them get to run from one person to another for asking details about child birth and nurturing. So, I thought that an article about the advantages and disadvantages of natural birth and cesarean would be helpful to a lot of them.

Doctors recommend natural birth in most of the women. They consider that if the woman’s body is strong enough and does not suffer of cardiac affections or eye problems (like extreme myopia) and the baby is well positioned for the expulsion, than the natural way of child delivery is preferred to cesarean. Complications are less frequent than during a surgery, and as studies have shown the baby will adapt better to the outside world due to the efforts he pays too when passing out. As natural birth involves a lot of pain, many women seem to give up this idea and focus more on the c-section form the beginning.

As cesarean is less painful thanks to anesthetics a lot of women seem to rush for this procedure, but they forget that this still remains a surgical intervention which involves a cut in your lower abdomen and womb. Post surgical infections are more frequent than local infections that can occur after a natural birth, and the body recovers a lot more difficult after the c-section. Another disadvantage of the cesarean would be the possibility that you don’t get to bond very well with your newborn. Connections between mother and baby are made much easier after a natural birth, and you should keep this in mind too before deciding upon having a c-section done.

It is true that a lot of doctors recommend natural birth due to its low cost in comparison to the c-section, besides physical advantages and disadvantages.

Talk to your gynecologist, see what he has to say about cesarean and natural delivery, tell him about your fears and frustrations and I’m sure you will hear a professional opinion as well as the advice of a human that understands what you are going through and can help you in taking a proper decision.



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