The Ease of Quitting Smoking Varies From One State to Another

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The increasing health problem on smoking is now viewed by the general public as a problem that needs immediate intervention. This is because of the escalating number of individuals who are getting sick due to excessive lighting up of cigarettes which actually leads to various diseases such as lung cancer.

Also, the concern does not stop on the idea that smoking can predispose many individuals to have health risks, but more so, the concern is even extended to the environmental problems which can affect the public at large talking about air pollution.

However, although the awareness of the public has been raised, still the move to quit smoking among those smokers is not enough. Quitting smoking seemed to be very hard among individuals, but others find it easy.

According to a new report which was released this Wednesday, there are certain states which are considered best for smokers who are trying to quit, and there are also states which find it difficult to quit the habit. The best states which are known best for smokers trying to quit smoking are the Main and North Dakota. On the other hand, Georgia and Louisiana are known as the least quit-friendly states as far as smoking is concern.

The report was based on the analysis made by the American Lung Association as to the various programs and treatment rendered and offered in the said states. Indeed, the idea of quitting the habit is already difficult. Hence, professional help and support coming from the external environment is needed in order to encourage smokers to successfully quit smoking.

Programs on quitting smoking offered by the federal government and other institution have a very significant impact on the number of smokers who are making their move to quit smoking. Having an open access to smokers who warrants smoking cessation counseling can enhance the wanting of these smokers to quit smoking because of the support that is present, urging them to pursue the cessation activities. Also, presence of telephone quit-lines makes communication between the smokers and the health care professionals readily available.

The report also included the top five quit-friendly states. These states include: Maine, North Dakota, Delaware, Oklahoma and Wyoming. In addition, the five least quit friendly states include: Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Maryland and New Jersey

Moreover, the report implicates that the access on the various quitting smoking programs varies from one state to another state.





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