The meaning of every day symptoms

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Every day your body can send you signs, while you can find various information about your body unless you pay attention to some general warning signs of it.

It is also important to know the significance of these events.


1. Overview
2. Changes present in the sclera or whites of the eyes
3. The significance of sleep habits
4. Causes of some food cravings
5. What information can provide hair
6. Details of manifestations around the mouth
7. What you may find from your skin
8. What reveals the urine about health
9. Symptoms present in the legs
10. Investigations that you must do

Changes present in the sclera or whites of the eye

If the white eye color is gray, is probably a result of natural aging. Sclera thins over time, so deep vascular tissue can be seen.

Scientists believe that there are various serious medical conditions that contribute to the color of the eyes, including rheumatoid arthritis and brittle bone syndrome. For starters, you should consult your ophthalmologist if you have this symptom.

If your sclera is red, then your eyes are probably dry. You might have small blood vessels become more prominent when the eyes are irritated. Dry eyes can be the result of age, looking long at the computer or environmental factors such as air conditioning.

Except for artificial tears, lubricating can relieve eye redness using ingredients such as glycerin (you can use it four to six times daily) as needed. If the dryness is worse, see your ophthalmologist.

Dry eye can also be a symptom of conditions such as thyroid disorders and diabetes. If there is itching and tearing, guilty could be allergies, and for this purpose you can try an antihistamine without prescription.

If the white of the eyes is yellow, it could be jaundice, which is caused by high levels of bilirubin, a product of red blood cells. Consult your doctor immediately, because jaundice may indicate more serious health problems, including liver dysfunction, hepatitis, and pancreatic cancer.

The significance of sleep habits

If you fall asleep as soon as head touches the pillow, you probably suffer of sleep deprivation. Generally, a person needs 10-15 minutes to fall asleep. Ideally, you should rest for 8 hours per night. If enough sleep every night and you sleep quickly, consult your doctor to rule out other diseases.

If you wake up often at night, you might suffer of some type of insomnia that is not difficult to fall asleep, but staying asleep. Disorder was associated with anxiety, depression and sleep apnea. If sleepiness persists during the day over four weeks you should consult a specialist.

Causes of some food cravings

If you are craving salt, you might feel the need to free yourself of stress. Constant desire to eat salt could be a warning of the adrenal glands, which pumps adrenaline and other hormones in the blood when anxiety occurs, when a person is working overtime and is exhausted.

The adrenal glands produce a hormone that keeps sodium in the body. If not enough hormone is released, is craving for salt. To keep stress under control, try to exercise, meditate and relax.

If you are craving to eat fatty foods, is well known that excessive consumption of sweets and simple carbohydrates can increase the desire to consume more sweets and simple carbohydrates.

In fat eating case, there is a similar effect of self-perpetuation. Fight the need to eat more protein by eating chips and dairy products with low fat, which will contribute to a rapid onset of satiety.

What information can provide hair

If the hairline withdraws, if there are people in your family suffering from female alopecia ndrogenetica (which occurs around age 30-40 years) you may also suffer of this inconvenience.

The dermatologist may prescribe medications or topical treatment to improve the situation. Traction alopecia might be also found; this is triggered by too much hair pulled and broken tail hairs.

If hair falls out more than usual, the body can be subjected to a stress (remember that the loss of about 100 hairs a day is normal). A physically important event such as surgery, childbirth or dramatic weight loss may temporarily stop hair growth. Don’t worry because after you have fully recovered, your hair will gradually return to its normal grow.

Details of manifestations around the mouth

If the gums are inflamed or bleeding, you might suffer of periodontal disease (approximately 40% of people manifest these diseases). Most people believe that there is nothing wrong if spitting blood after flossing, but gums should not bleed.

Although periodontal disease may not be painful, bacteria that trigger it can be the cause of systemic problems such as strokes and heart disease. It is necessary to seek professional cleaning and brushing of teeth at least twice a year, but also to use dental floss daily and brushing teeth after every meal.

If you have white or red dots on the back of the tongue, you should make a human papilloma virus (HPV) test. HPV is difficult to be detected and often disappears by itself, but in some cases it triggers mouth, throat or cervix cancer. Therefore, if you have this, the virus must be monitored.

If the language is smooth and shiny and you can’t distinguish the taste buds, this could be a sign of lack of vitamin B12. Cracks in corners of the mouth can be a manifestation of the same deficit.

What you may find from your skin

If the skin becomes dry and suddenly itching appears, it could be a reaction to a new skin care product. This if exclude any thyroid problems and imbalances in the level of iron.

Dry skin can indicate low thyroid level or anemia. Referral to a dermatologist or simple blood tests can detect the real cause.

If a rash occurs in the jaw, it may be that your hormone values to be too low. Acne in this area is especially common in women of 30-40 years, even for those who have never had skin problems.

The rash can be treated with a cream which contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. If treatment is not positive, you should consult your gynecologist. Often the causes of hormonal acne can be relieved with medications such as oral contraceptives.

If you have a rash that will not heal, it could be a mild rash that may be a result of stress. To relieve itching, apply a lotion that contains ceramides several times a day or consult your dermatologist to recommend a sunscreen with an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

Another option is olive oil. Essential fats have anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat eczema.

What reveals the urine about health

If urine is pale yellow, you are well hydrated and this it means that you are drinking enough water to dilute the urine which is naturally yellow.

If urine is dark yellow, start double the water consumption. Drink herbal teas and eat some fruit high in water such as watermelon, every day. If you take a multivitamin in the last 24 hours and urine is yellow, don’t worry because this means that the body absorbed the vitamins.

When using multivitamin, your body uses what it needs and secretes the rest. So if the urine will be color fluorescence, this means that the vitamin has passed successfully through your system.

If urine is very pale in color after using multivitamins, means that they are not absorbed properly. In this case you can change the type of multivitamin: replace the pills with effervescent tablets.

If urine is cloudy, you could have a kidney infection or bladder. Cloudy urine indicates the presence of white blood cells that the body sends to fight the infection. Consult your doctor for diagnosis.

If blood is present in your urine or if it is very dark, to not have any doubt, consult your doctor for analysis. In this way various diseases will be excluded from bladder infections to kidney disease.

Symptoms present in the legs

If the heels or soles will gives you pain during walking, you might have flat feet, which means that your feet are less arched than it should be, when the body weight press on them.

Flat feet can lead to knee pain and back pain. You can use, in a first phase, padding inserts inside the shoes, but you should consult your doctor if the problem does not improve.

If you have cramps while walking, this could be a sign of peripheral artery disease, in which blood does not circulate efficiently in the extremities. Poor circulation can lead to lactic acid in muscles and leg cramps occur. Consult your physician for diagnosis.

Investigations that you must do

Each person should do tests and analyzes to assess their health. Medical investigations can be divided into two categories: those necessary and those with preventive purpose.

Some of these are free-cost, while others are settled by the insurance system, some people are recommended, depending on certain risk factors, but most have the common goal of saving lives.

- Eyes investigation – need to see an ophthalmologist regularly, as this might say more than whether or not you need to wear glasses. During a consultation you can also find out if you have glaucoma, eye cancer, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy.

How often you need to go to the doctor? The more a person is older, the more he has more risk factors for diabetes, hypertension or if his family history presents these diseases, even more he should frequently check his eye health.

- Skin investigation – Skin cancer is most often caused by excessive sun exposure. Skin is constantly checking the best way to discover a potentially fatal melanoma (and other types of skin cancer) since the time it is treatable.

Monthly, in bright, with several mirrors, analyzers scalp, toes, skin on the body as carefully as you can. It is also advisable to consult a dermatologist who will analyze your skin from head to toe.

Learning self-analysis ABCD method is very useful: A (asymmetry), B (border-edges uneven moles), C (color – change color or presence of several colors), D (diameter – increasing the size of moles or blemishes). Especially attention if in the family history is no risk of melanoma.

- Screening for coronary artery – doctors believe that screening coronary arteries investigation will soon become as common as an electrocardiogram. Many of coronary artery disease can be detected in early stages with these investigations, many diseases being annihilated.

The test is noninvasive and it is calculated using the calcified plaque in the arteries to determine the risk of heart attack or other coronary events. This test is superior to stress test.

The stress test indicates a problem only when coronary disease is advanced. Everyone should consider screening coronary arteries, especially those where there are classic risk factors of heart disease, family history, hypertension, overweight and older than 50 years.



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