The most needed vitamins for Winter.

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One of the most needed vitamins during the Winter season is Vitamin D. This vitamin is associated with so many good biological events in the human body that it is hard to imagine it not being consumed regularly for its many benefits. Here we will talk about why Vitamin D is needed more during the Winter months and where you can get it naturally.vitamind

Vitamin D is formed when the oils on the skin and ultraviolet rays from the sun mix together. The sun in the sky is the first and most important source of vitamin D for our bodies. For this reason, those in the northern latitudes are going to be naturally receiving less of this important vitamin, simply because they get less sunlight in their section of the world. Some places like Alaska only see the sun for limited time periods. For two months out of the year the folks in Barrow, Alaska will not even see the sun because it will not come up. These folks need to supplement their intake of Vitamin D during this period and whenever their skin is not exposed to the healthy benefits of being exposed to the sun.

What about you ? If you do not live in an area where sunlight is scarce during certain times of the year, do you have anything to worry about during the Winter months ? The short answer is; ” Yes”. During the Winter time the sun will not be hitting your skin if you live in a slightly cold climate because of things like coats and jackets. The sun needs to mix with the oil that is naturally present in your skin. This means that if you go out and “get some sun” immediately after showering, your body will still not be able to manufacture Vitamin D. The oil must be on the skin and the sun’s rays must hit the oil. Then the process of making Vitamin D starts.

For those who have heard for the longest time from the medical industry that the sun is bad for you, do you still believe it ? Over-indulging in the sun is bad for your health. That does not mean that the sun is bad for you. In fact the opposite is true. A sun burn and over-tanning is bad for your skin, but normal exposure is good.

Back to the topic at hand. Where can you get natural Vitamin D if you have less than what you need during the Winter months ? The answer is fish. The fatty oils in fish have a good amount of Vitamin D. Liver is another natural source of this vitamin. Do you hate the taste of cod liver oil ? Well, you may hate it, but it is a good source of Vitamin D. Why is it that food that is good for you usually tastes terrible ? During the Winter months it is best to put your taste buds aside for the healthy benefits of eating things that will prolong your years and your good health.



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