The most neglected health tests for men

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If you find that you need to constantly increase the TV volume to hear news or start to cry because everyone around you hums and can’t understand a thing, you should know that reducing hearing may be a warning signal of this multiple conditions. These include Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, etc.

After the latest research, 70% of men who have a general health check, avoid hearing tests. It is important to have a hearing test because most people do not know they have a hearing problem.

Here are four reasons to go to audiologist testing hearing and ask:

1.Hearing loss can mean a higher risk of Alzheimer’s. Those with hearing problems are more likely to develop cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, according to the latest studies. Worse, for every 10 decibels of hearing lost, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s increased by 20%.

How is this possible? Experts believe that hearing loss is the result of injuries of nerves in the body and damage nerves in the ear can mean nerve damage in other parts of the body, such as the brain. To protect against disease, you should learn and inform about Alzheimer’s disease.

2.Hearing reducing may signal a cardiovascular illnesses. If you have trouble hearing low frequency sounds could be a sign that something is wrong with your heart. The inner ear consists of a large number of blood vessels sensitive, so sensitive that any changes to them, such as hearing loss could be an early sign of bigger problems in the blood vessels from the body, such as cardiovascular disease.

3.Hearing problems can cause depression. Researchers found that people aged between 35 and 55 years who had symptoms of mild to moderate hearing loss, had a higher risk of experiencing psychological distress.

Another research on 2,300 adults aged over 50 years found that those with low hearing that were not treated for this condition had were more likely to feel depressed, anxious and alone. Inability to hear properly can have a profound effect on well-being of body and emotionality. When a person can’t hear, tends to isolate people and preferred shares.

4.A local hearing test can detect cancer. A hearing test is important not only to discover the hearing problems, but also may help in finding local tumors. There are many cases when doctors discovered a suspicious mole or a precursor of skin cancer on or around the ear.

It is also difficult to properly examine you own ears and see moles or other local tumors, so it is important to go to the doctor to undergo a thorough check of your hearing aid regularly.



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