The Origins of Human Brain

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Recent study recommended that a partial duplication of one of a gene played an important part in a main advance in the human brain origin which took place a few million years ago. The gene called SRGAP2 has been copied for 2 times during the evolution of human beings and the primary one was around 3.5 million years ago following around 2.5 million years ago. The other copy produced just a partial replica of the gene, the research authors said. This replica acts at precisely the similar time and places like the natural gene permitting the partial replica to communicate with and obstruct the original gene mechanism, as per the conclusions posted online in the periodical Cell. The partial replica of the gene SRGAP2 appears to have seemed at the similar time which the fossils records display a transition from the extinct Australopithecus ancestors to the genus Homo that resulted to and encompassed modern humans.

Why are humans intelligent than other species:

This point in evolution of human is even when the brain’s of the ancestors started to develop and main advances in intelligent possibly occurred, as per the researcher, who is an expert in development of brain in Seattle.

The investigators reported that SRGAP2 and many other human particular gene replicates might justify why the human beings are more intelligent and have sharper brains than other primates, irrespective of the few apparent distinctions in sequence of genes. We might have been seeing at the wrong kind of the mutations to explain the human and great ape distinctions. These larger duplication and episodic replication events can have permitted for radical – possibly earth shattering alterations in the brain mechanism and brain function.



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